10 Minutes of Exercise Can Help You Lose Weight

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10 Minutes of Cardiovascular Exercise Can Help You Lose Weight

U.S. government recommendations are that Americans perform 30 minutes of moderate intensity cardiovascular exercise per day, with two days per week of strength training for the entire body.

For beginners whose endurance may not allow 30 continuous minutes of exercise, you can start with just 10 minute blocks and work your way up to 30 minutes or more of continuous exercise. Get up from your desk at break time and walk outside for 10 minutes, or go up and down flights of stairs.  If you have young children, dance around with them to the latest hip hop tunes. Shoot hoops with the neighbor and his son in their backyard. Instead of having the kids do it, you take the dog for a invigorating walk so you can both get some exercise.

Dig your bike out of the garage and ride through the neighborhood for 10 minutes. If your heart and knees are healthy enough for more high intensity exercise, grab your jump rope and jump for 10 minutes to burn an amazing 114 calories. Or you can jump indoors on a mini-trampoline.  Reportedly, a 150 lb female jumping on a rebounder can burn 70 or more calories in just 10 minutes (depending of course upon the intensity).

A 10 Minute Beginner Resistance Training Workout

This easy to do workout designed by fitness trainer Deborrah Cooper consists of five exercises performed circuit style, each done for one minute before moving on to the next.  The routine can be done at home or in the office and requires no equipment. 

#1 Wall Push Ups:

Rest palms on the wall at shoulder height then step back so arms are straight. Rise up on your toes as you bend your elbows (point them towards the floor), and lean your body in towards the wall.  Press back to start position and repeat for 60 seconds.

#2 Reverse Lunges:

Stand erect, abdominals tight, with your feet together about hip width apart. Take a big step backwards with your right leg, ending with your toe on the ground and heel pointed up. Bend both knees and lower your weight towards the floor a few inches. Dig in with the left (front) heel as you stand up while bringing your right leg back to the start position.  Repeat with other leg, alternating quickly for 60 seconds.

#3 Standing Long Crunch:

Stand with your feet hip width apart with your arms up above your head in line with your shoulders. Keep your belly button in tight throughout the movement. Exhale slowly as you pull your abs in even more and crunch forward.  Your arms will swing forward so that they end up alongside your body. Hold position briefly then return to start.  Repeat movement for 60 seconds.

#4 Back Squeeze:

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, abdominals tight.  Bend arms at 90 degree angles so that your forearms are parallel to the floor, elbows about 3″ from rib cage. Slowly swing your bent arms out so your elbows come around to your sides as you squeeze your scapula back and down, contracting back muscles. Rotate arms back to the start position and repeat for 60 seconds.

#5 Leg Lift Squats:

Clasp hands in front of body at chin height. Stand erect with feet about hip width apart. Lift right leg to the side with toes pointing forward.  As you lower your leg back to the ground, bend both knees so you finish in a squat position.  Be sure to push your hips back as if hovering over a potty, concentrating on keeping your chest lifted. Stand up then repeat movement with the left leg. Repeat alternating pattern for the full 60 seconds.

To reduce risk of injury, always warm up for a couple of minutes before exercising by jogging in place, doing basic calisthenics, walking or bike riding – whatever helps you get your body temperature up and your joints prepared for more strenuous activity.

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