What Turns Women Off – Seven Things Men Wear That Turn Women Off

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Certain things men say, do and wear turn women off. Every woman, no matter her age or what she is into, has certain criteria for how she wants her man to look. And though fashion changes from generation to generation and season to season, there are certain styles, certain items of clothing and certain accessories that all men should throw into the nearest waste receptacle or at least hide in their glove compartment. If you are an adult male over the age of 18 and you do these things, you should get in the mirror and search for the “L” that is surely on your forehead. Read on to learn what turns women off.

skinny jeans on men is a definitely turn off for women

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are for girls. Skinny girls. Although I don’t know why any woman would want to wear them because all they do is make you look even bonier. Whoever thought skinny jeans would be attractive on men was sadly mistaken and obviously confused. Women want men to look like men; that means not like a girl. There is nothing masculine and hot about skinny jeans on a man. Skinny jeans do not make us want to rip your clothes off and have hot sex with you  Instead, they make us think we should be sharing makeup tips.

Pants That Show Your Ass Crack

Dude, really? Who told you that penitentiary look was cute? You do know that is where the look originated, right? Before the era of the prison jumpsuit and flip flops, men in prison wore jeans and shirts and real shoes. However, due to the murder/suicide factor, prisoners stopped getting belts. If you lost weight or they didn’t have your size, your pants sagged. The interesting thing is that it now has become associated with advertising the butt, as in “this hole for sale or lease.” Hey, we don’t have anything against gay guys, seriously… to each his own.

However, a straight woman wants to date a straight man – that looks. walks, talks and dresses in a manner that makes his sexual orientation very clear. Advertising to other guys that your butt hole is available is probably not going to work for many women. Instead, put on some slacks that fit your body, or at least a pair of fashionable jeans.

Sports Jerseys and Sneakers

Unless you are going to a sporting event, in fan attire to watch The Big Game, or doing chores around the house – there is no reason for you to wear a jersey. Sure you’re proud of your $150 special edition official NFL jersey of whoever, but going out on a date with a woman wearing a jersey is a no-no. She’s all dressed up in heels with her hair done and makeup on, and there you are in a jersey and sneakers? You look like a fool. You also look like you’re trying to hang onto the last vestiges of your youth by your fingernails. Let it go dude, let it go. Make an effort to look mature, like you didn’t break open your piggy bank to pay for the date! Put on a grown up shirt with a collar and long sleeves.

Backwards Baseball Capsbackwards baseball caps are a turnoff for women

Some time ago white guys living in the suburbs of America thought turning their baseball caps around so that the brims were on the back side of their head made them look cool, dangerous and like “the black guys.” No, it really doesn’t. You think you’re being cool; women think you look like a dork. This is an especially egregious display of immaturity and weirdness when you guys put your sunglasses on the back of your cap so that it looks like you have eyes in the back of your head. Really? Don’t you know you took dorkyness up 10 notches with that move? No backwards baseball caps. Ever.

Bluetooth Headsets

men in bluetooth headsets are a turnoff for women on dates

When those things first came out people went crazy buying them. I was astonished because they would walk around talking through something stuck in the side of their head like it was just the best and most coolest thing in the world. Something about it reminded me of that Borg chick Seven of Nine on Star Trek! Anyway, the horribly irksome thing about bluetooths is that guys refuse to take them off. Here you are trying to have a nice date or spend some romantic quality time, and he won’t take that thing off. Right in the middle of sharing a joke he stops and says “oh, I gotta get this!” Before you can say a word he starts talking animatedly and laughing to a mysterious voice in his ear that is not you while you sit there looking stupid all alone. Hey dude, unless you are a surgeon on call, there is no need for you to have yourself hooked up to a bluetooth while you are with a lady. Put your toy away.

Overly Bejeweled and Bedazzledif you wear this much jewelry around women you have problems

Tasteful amounts of jewelry are okay – perhaps a nice bracelet or neck chain and a watch. That’s it. If you have on multiple chains, earrings in both ears, rings on both hands, a watch, diamonds or gold or a grille on your teeth, and several bracelets it’s like WHOA! Who exactly is the pretty one here? You should never have on so much jewelry that you (a) set off metal detectors at the airport; (b) jingle when you walk; (c) look like a poor imitation of Mr. T; or (d) have on more jewelry than any female within a 1000 mile radius.  You should not have on jewelry that catches in her hair or snags her clothing when you touch her.  Neither should you have things dangling from your body that might put her eye out when you two are getting busy.

Fingernail Polish

NMystery and the Pickup Artists on VH1o woman wants a guy to touch her with claws on his hands, so getting a manicure is probably not a bad idea. However you need to put the brakes on when it comes to adding the pretty colors of nail polish at the end of the appointment. A few years ago when the pick up artist thing was big, one of the biggest names in the industry did a show on VH-1 called “The Pick Up Artist.” I tell you that dude looked like a stone cold freak with black fingernails and a jaunty hat like he was The Mad Hatter. He looked like a fool! So no nail polish guys, that’s out. Ladies wear colored nail polish, you do not. Some men get clear polish. I want to know why? Nails on men should be buffed, not polished. If a woman admires the color polish you are wearing and says she wants to try it next time she goes to the nail salon, you can bet any chance of romance with THAT woman just went up in smoke.

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  1. Goodness says:

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with skinny jeans or nail polish, but then again I’m more of a goth, punk girl lol! I agree with everything else on the list, though.

  2. Real1 says:

     I think it all depends on the kind of woman.  I’ve seen plenty of guys wearing sagging pants with beautiful women on their arm it’s mostly younger women who are into that, but I’ve seen a few women over 30 go for that kind of guy.  I have a friend who wears 2 earrings and has a ring on almost every finger, he’s always juggling women.I’ve met women after work for a date on a few occasions, and have been told by them that I’m overdressed because I had a suit on.

    • Deborrah says:

      Real1 – Girls grow up to be women, but Hoodrat-ism is forever. That is all I have to say about those women you’ve seen and met up with after work.

      • Deborrah Real1 “Girls grow up to be women, but Hoodrat-ism is forever.”  Couldn’t have said it better myself!  Classy women only desire classy men.  You will know a classy woman when you see her, believe me. 😀

      • Razzy says:

        Deborrah Real1 It seems a lot of dudes don’t know the difference.Either that, or they are too silly to get a real woman so they use hoodratism as the yardstick to measure all women by, because that’s all they’ve ever dated so that’s all they know.

  3. Morning Rain says:

    I mostly agree with this list, but I will say that I have seen men who can wear a pair of skinny jeans very well and not look ‘girly’.  The backwards baseball cap doesn’t bother me, unlike when I see men with their hat propped or titled on their head like this, http://live.drjays.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/ti-akoo-hoodie-crop.jpg

    • Deborrah says:

      Morning Rain – there is no man that can wear a pair of skinny jeans and not look girly. The issue is that you like girly looking men.

    • Morning Rain I’m so sorry; but a real man never wears skinny jeans.  When I say ‘real’ man I’m talking about men with saviore faire.  When they do wear jeans, they still look like they’ve stepped out of a GQ Magazine.

  4. Razzy says:

    Overly long sideburns (went out in the 70’strim that goatee.  It shouldn’t be dangling down from your chin like an actual goat.  It  shouldn’t be scraggerly either.Back hair ummm no!Pedicures are nice guys women admire guys feet just as guys admire women’s feet.  No woman wants to be clawed to death if you ever get the chance to get busy.Shea butter and coconut oil works wonders on ash.

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