7-21-13 Black Men vs White Men Which Is Better for the Modern Black Woman?

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5645283_sInterracial relationships have always occurred in the black community, though such unions primarily take place between black men and women of other races. However, over the past 15 years or so, black women are catching up! Black females are dating and marrying non-black men at greater numbers each year.

Though black women with white and other races of men is a growing trend, most black women still state a preference for marriage and children by black men. This desire is stymied by the reality that to have a black man generally means that the woman has “settled” in some major respect. Why? Because black men are falling further behind socially, economically, educationally en masse, and they tend to insist on a double sexual standard, female submission, and male dominance as a matter of course.

However, in spite of these glaring losses in stock value,  most black men still see themselves as a prize that every woman wants. “Everyone wants us, but nobody wants you!” is the taunt often levied at black females by black men both online and off.

So the questions must be asked:

  1. Are white and Asian and Latina women really chasing black men for marriage or just for the entertainment value? After all, dating someone is one thing – marrying and depending on that individually financially, emotionally and spiritually is quite another.
  2. Are black men up to the task of marriage and the responsibilities of being a husband and father?
  3. If a black woman wants marriage and a family of her own, is waiting on a black man the most sensible option, or should she broaden her horizons to include men of all ethnicities?
  4. Are black men truly “in demand” with women of other races, or are such thoughts the fantasies of delusional narcissists?

With all this to consider, could it be that black women really are better matched with white men?

Please join us on Sunday, July 21st, 2013 for what is sure to be a heated discussion! The call-in number is 347-327-9215.

We’ll get started at 6:30 p.m. PST/9:30 p.m. EST.


interracial dating interracial marriage black women with white men

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Comments (16)

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  1. gralan02 says:

    18andlegal Razzy gralan02  

    I clearly understand your discuss with Black American men. As long as the have the bible in their hands and the practice of christianity(or Islam), pathetic is all there ever going to be.  I have 500 year of history
    to backup this claim and the facts of this history is unrefuteable.

  2. gralan02 says:

    Razzy gralan02  
    That’s a Television show. No other comment required.

  3. Deborrah says:

    blackcaesar Razzy — The highest rate of HIV transmission (a sickness which can kill, unlike herpes) is highest among black males. The rate of HIV transmission amongst black women decreased, but are highest amongst black men who have sex with men, and our young people.

    Comparing 2008 to 2010, the overall estimated number
    of HIV infections remained stable in every age group and in all
    racial/ethnic groups. There were decreases among women; including
    African American women. However burden is still high among African
    Americans and men who have sex with men (MSM). There were sharp
    increases in youth, especially young African American MSM.

    Age at Infection

    In 2010, the estimated number of new HIV infections
    was highest among individuals aged 25-34 (31%, 14,500 [95% CI:
    12,500–16,400]), followed by individuals aged 13-24 (26%, 12,200 [95%
    CI: 10,500–13,800]).
    Transmission Category

    Comparing 2008 to 2010, the estimated number of new
    HIV infections among MSM increased 12%, from 26,700 (95% CI:
    23,400–30,000) in 2008 to 29,800 (95% CI: 26,200–33,500) in 2010. The
    number of new HIV infections among females with infection attributed
    to heterosexual contact decreased 18% from 9,800 (95% CI:
    8,200–11,400) in 2008 to 8,000 (95% CI: 6,700–9,200) in 2010. In 2010,
    the majority of new HIV infections was attributed to male-to-male
    sexual contact (63% overall and 78% among males). Among females, the
    largest percentage of new HIV infections was attributed to
    heterosexual contact (84%).

    Among females, the estimated number of new HIV
    infection decreased 21%, from 12,000 (95% CI: 10,100–13,900) in 2008
    to 9,500 (95% CI: 8,100–10,900) in 2010. In 2010, the rate of new HIV
    infections among males (30.7) was 4.2 times that of females (7.3).
    Blacks/African Americans

    Blacks/African Americans continue to be
    disproportionately affected by HIV infection. The estimated rate of
    new HIV infections among blacks/African Americans (68.9) was 7.9 times
    as high as the rate in whites (8.7). In 2010, of all of the new HIV
    infections among blacks/African Americans, 51% were among MSM and 38%
    were attributed to heterosexual contact.

    Though the estimated number of new HIV infections
    among black/African American females decreased, they are still
    disproportionately affected by HIV infection. In 2010, 87% of
    black/African American females newly infected with HIV had infections
    attributed to heterosexual contact.

    Comparing 2008 to 2010, the number of new HIV
    infections among black/African American males was stable at 14,400
    (95% CI: 12,400–16,400) in 2008 and 14,700 (95% CI: 12,600–16,900) in
    2010. By age at infection, the largest percentage (38%) of new HIV
    infections among black/African American males in 2010 occurred in
    those aged 13–24 years; this percentage was higher than the percentage
    for the same group of Hispanic/Latino males (25%) and of white males

  4. Razzy says:

    blackcaesar heyweezie  
    Why are you here when you obviously hate black women so much?  Didn’t you say you don’t deal with black women? Then why are you even on this blog…dealing with black women?

  5. Razzy says:

    blackcaesar Razzy Look here you little troll, 
    The reason there is widespread STD amongst black women is because of dumbazz jikkas who are incarcerated between the ages of 18-35 and getting fucked up the azz while in prison, or sucking dyck and shooting up, and then spreading this disease to their wives and girlfriends when they get out. 
    You assign blame for the state of the black community solely on the black woman while not looking at the black man. 
    A recent study shows that 104 black male will be locked up
    Black men drop out of  high school and don’t go to college or graduate school in higher numbers than black women.
    If black men quit skeeting and running and marry their baby mama’s then we wouldn’t have so many single mother headed families in the black community.
    It took a white woman to raise President Obama because his daddy abandoned her and went back to Africa.  His parents got a divorce.  Just like how black men abandon their families in America.  
    You talk about black women having bastard kids, well talk about black men who can’t keep their dycks in their pants and keep getting women pregnant, why don’t you tell them to quit skeeting and running. Black women don’t become parents by themselves.
    And white women get pregnant to, but they have private abortions’ So stop trying to dress the white woman up as if she’s on some pedastal.
    You are such a silly little cretin of a  male. On the one hand, you are jealous of shows like Scandal that depict the most powerful man in the world in love with a black woman, but then you go and put down black women, while raising up the white woman as though she is more loveable than the black woman.
    Can we say double standard? It’s ok for you to love and elevate a white woman, but it’s not ok for a white man to love and elevate a black woman.
    If you’re not into black women, then why is your dumb azz on this blog always commenting about ‘black women’ business?  Take your trifling little mind over on an all white male blog or all white female blog and leave these black women over here alone.  We won’t miss you. Good riddance to you.  You are probably ugly looking like the inside of somebody’s azz which is why you are so bitter and mad that a white man is enjoying beautiful white Putay that you can’t get.
    You hate to see Tony Goldywin’s character kissing all over Kerry Washington’s character on TV because you wish it were you, but the hot black women you lust after won’t give you the time of the day. And no wonder.  What woman wants some funky having attitude of a cretin like you… Go away little gnat.. begone

  6. blackcaesar says:

    Razzy blackcaesar In 2010 the CDC came out with report saying that 48% of black women have genital herpes, an incurable s.t.d.  I wouldn’t let 48% of black women use my toilet, let alone have sex with their nasty disease-spreading asses.  There’s not a more self-hating group of people in the country than black women with about 80-85% wearing fake hair or having perms.  There’s not a group of women in the country who have more bastard children or std’s than black women.  You all are the absolute BOTTOM of the barrel when it comes to women.  You all are the worse parents, with your bastard children disproportionately growing up to become criminals and drains on the society. It took a white woman to raise the first black president.  I would sterilize all black women after they had one child in certain zipcodes.   Most black women I see with white men are black women with perms and weaves, indicating to me that they hate themselves any way because they, like a lot of black women are willing to pay $300 for a weave to look like someone other than themselves.  Besides that, I never see any donkified black women with white men.  Which brings me to another point.  I’m not a chubby chaser, so I’m really not into black women any way, as of course, black women are the most obese group of women in the U.S.  I say good riddance to black women with white men.  It’s fewer black women around to fuck a black man over!

  7. blackcaesar says:

    heyweezie blackcaesar O.K. then, you black women go for that then!

  8. sunshiny says:

    Razzy blackcaesar These studies also show that BW/WM marriages have the lowest divorce rate of any other group.  I wonder why no one ever brings that up?  Most ppl extrapolate info from the same study (or studies/sources) to bolster their arguement without giving context or while leaving out important details.  Another detail that is never mentioned is that Black men have the highest divorce rate of any other group no matter who they marry.  They leave Becky, Su Lin and anybody else at about the same rate as they do a black woman and at higher rates than white, asian or latino men.  Black women are waking up (too slowly) and many have a problem with it.  I hope that black wormen continue the trend of doing what is best for them and living the best life they can no matter what anyone else thinks.

  9. Razzy says:

    And by the way, you are jealous because the type of woman the white man is getting is the type of black woman you could never get.  So if you are talking about black women who are on the Maurey Povitch show, well no black women like that tend to date at their level.
    But see, you are jealous when you see the white guy get the women you wish you could get but can’t because you don’t cut the mustard with her. So you console yourself by saying, “I’m a success because I got me a white woman’.  
    I work everyday around interracial black women white men couples in a Global company and see this type of thing world wide.  But if your frame of reference is only local and you only know what you see and you haven’t really seen much, except what you see on TV,what your buddies told you, and what you tell yourself, then of course, that’s all you know.
    So what if black dudes date outside of their race in higher numbers, that ain’t nothing new, y’all been doing it longer so of course you have higher numbers.  But this isn’t a race to see who has the highest number of dating outside of their race. It’s about people dating and marrying who they are compatible with regardless of race.

  10. Razzy says:

    Another jealous trifling hater who can’t stand the thought of a white man wifing up a black woman and banging the headboard with her instead of you.  Get over it dude. We ain’t talking about grandmama, we’re talking about here and now. Y’all just jealous of shows like Scandal and others that depict powerful handsome white men who desire black women and this show is popular world wide.
    There is no show that has a powerful white woman desiring a black man. Kerry Washington rocks and Tony Goldwyn is handsome!

  11. Razzy says:

    Any time there is a discussion about black woman dating and marrying white men, it never fails that some jealous jikka will show up throwing shade. That’s what your little post is all about black ceasar. Jealousy.  Y’all black men are full of shit.  Ya’ll are possessive of black women vjays and don’t want no other race of man to have it but you. Yet you don’t treat it right.  You abandon your babies you make with the baby mama’s you don’t marry her, you get incarcerated in droves during the prime years of your life between the ages of 18 and 35, and while you are knocking college degrees, there are far fewer of black men finishing high school much less going to college than there are black women.  
    You talk about study after study shows that no one is checking black women for wives, then why don’t you black men ‘check black women for wives? Why do you think it is a ‘success’ when you date outside of your race, but you show up throwing salt whenever there is a possibility of a white man dating and marrying a black woman.  
    Black men think it’s a come up to get them a nonblack woman, and a lot of black women don’t want to date non black men. They foolishly want to remain loyal to black men. I don’t know why since black men like you don’t deserve loyality. 
    Black males like you are jealous when you see white men with successful hot black chicks even if its just one. So you talk about how many more black men are ‘successful’ at dating nonblack woman, while putting black women down as being ‘the least desirable.’
    It’s sad really the ‘self hatred you black men have for black women, your own mothers, your female cousins any woman who is black.  You don’t want a black woman for yourself, yet you don’t want a nonblack man to come along and pick the berry you don’t want.
    I see interracial couples all the time in NYC, Chicago, Paris, Durham, all over this country and I travel a lot for my job and these couples are white men with dark skinned black women too.
    Stop hating on the white man.  Even if it’s only 10 white men who desire to date and marry black women, for every 20 black men who date and marry nonblack women, that’s 10 black women you’ll never have who will be banging the headboard with her rainbeau. Get over it.

  12. swirlygirl says:

    Lol white men are earning more than white women too, because on average men earn more than women, but that’s only if doing the same job!

  13. blackcaesar says:

    You know what confounds me?  Despite this so called “loss of stock value” of black men on the dating market we are the most successful at dating and marrying outside our race.  So, apparently, some women don’t seem to agree with the author if you look at the numbers.  Another thing is that black men still outearn black women on average, look it up.  I think that statistic speaks volumes about the ability of all these hard-earned college degrees black women are earning.  Black women are always touting this “wer’e earning a lot more college degrees than black men”, as if they’re getting degrees in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) where the demand is high, as well as the pay.  Most black women get degrees in some liberal arts subject (communications, English, journalism-a dying field) and get jobs that don’t even require college degrees after graduating with $20,000 in student loans.  The other thing is that study after study shows that no ones checking for black women for wives.  White men might be checking for black women for booty calls, but not usually as wives and mothers of their children.  All I know is that for whatever the reasons, black men have been and are more successful at crossing the race and color line.  I see too many interracial couples and white mothers with their half-breed children in tow to think otherwise.

  14. gralan02 says:

    These ideas are completely foolish. There is no shortage of blackmen. THERE IS A SHORTAGE OF WHITE MEN and has been since the early 90’s. This whole blackwomen dating out of their race is a socially and politically engineered by the the white power structure. These white men your talking about and want to get with are now BROKE. These same whitemen wanted nothing to do with you blackwomen when they had a pocket full of money. Ask your grandmothers!

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