Are You Dating a Sociopath, Psychopath or Narcissist? on 5/26/13

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Our Sunday, May 26, 2013 Date Smarter Not Harder Relationships Talkshow investigates sociopaths, narcissists and men with other mental and personality disorders in the dating pool. There are a great many problems in black male/female relationships rooted in how poorly black males perceive females, and how these guys treat women and children. Horrible I know; yet, for black women, the pool of available suitors is largely comprised of men with moderate to severe personality disorders.

Anthony Tyrone Terrell guns down mom and two sisters

Anthony Tyrone Terrell convicted to two life sentences for killing his mother and two sisters when he was just 17 years old.

The odds of a black woman finding dating and having children fathered by one of these mentally and/or emotionally disturbed men is extremely high.

“Some 70% of sociopaths come from fatherless homes. Father absence produces many consequences similar to the symptoms of sociopathy — early, precocious sexuality; antagonistic, deprecating attitude toward the opposite sex; lack of interest in bonding with a durable, stable mate; aggressive acting-out; excessive boasting; and risk-taking behavior. Some 30% of children today are born out-of-wedlock, and another 30% live in divorced homes. These conditions – a problem of unsocialization – produce sociopathy. Furthermore, sociopaths tend to reproduce themselves, that is, they produce more than own their share of illegitimate offspring themselves.”

With the out of wedlock birth rate in the black community hitting the 75% and above mark, it would seem the opportunities for birthing/raising a sociopath are almost triple that of other ethnic groups.

Black women must become aware of the signs, symptoms and behaviors of the sociopath, the narcissist and the psychopath and avoid them at all cost.

Hope you can join us for what is sure to be an eye opening, very disturbing discussion on modern dating, the available men that comprise the dating pool in the black community, and what you can do as a parent to make sure you are not raising a sociopath or narcissist.

We get started at 6:00 pm (PST) / 9:00 pm (EST). Call 347-327-9215 to participate in the live discussion and share your story of dating or marriage to a sociopath or narcissist. Click the graphic below for more information or to listen to the podcast if you missed the show.

click here to listen to the podcast

Click here to listen to the podcast or call 347-327-9215 to participate in the live discussion.


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