Veteran social researcher, relationship advice columnist, author and radio host. Author of hundreds of articles on American and black culture, gender issues, singles, dating and relationships. Author of "Sucka Free Love!" , "The 24 Types of Suckas to Avoid," "The Black Church - Where Women Pray and Men Pray," and "Why Vegan is the New Black" all available on Amazon.Com. Her unique voice and insightful commentary have delighted fans and riled haters for 20 years. Read her stuff on SurvivingDating.Com and AskHeartBeat.Com.

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Women Talk Too Damn Much! Why Not Just Shut Up Sometimes?

. 12/20/2011 . 7 Comments

Women can’t stand empty silences and will fill the quiet with information about their past, laying them out like an offering to the Man Gods. Why clog a man’s brain with information that will do nothing but make him jealous or insecure about a future with you? Women also tell too much of their business to jealous females. Women talk too much!

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Dreams of Falling, Fear and Landing on Your Feet

. 12/18/2011 . 1 Comment

If you’ve ever dreamed of falling you know how scary it can be. Can you learn to control your fear and gain control of your subconscious mind and your dreams of success?

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Why Do Single Black Women Protect and Support Trifling Black Men?

. 12/15/2011 . 0 Comments

Recently, several articles by single Black women praising Black men and admonish Black women for their criticisms and anger. These rah rah cheerleader Black women are not helping Black men at all, and really get on my nerves.

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Unwed Fathers – Do They Have the Right to Demand an Abortion?

. 12/09/2011 . 10 Comments

Father’s rights groups are advocating that men have the power to opt out of child support or force a woman to get an abortion if they don’t want to parent. Forcing such men to participate in the abortion process is a reality check they all need.

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Mens Right to Choose: Opting Out of Fatherhood With a Financial Abortion

. 12/09/2011 . 32 Comments

Should a man be forced to become a father and pay child support, even though he says he doesn’t want to be a Dad? If a woman finds herself pregnant and wants an abortion, but the father desires to keep and raise the child himself, should a woman be forced to carry the child to term? What would make such a situation fair and equitable for both parties?

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I’m a Woman But I Want a Wife Too!

. 12/08/2011 . 17 Comments

A woman remarks on the institution of marriage, the traditional roles, and the benefits of having a wife. That’s why she wants a wife too!

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APPNATION III San Francisco – Four Great Apps for Dating Singles

. 12/07/2011 . 0 Comments

Four exciting new SmartPhone apps that I think are great fun and will help connect and improve the social lives of dating singles.

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Non-Prescription Access for Minors to Plan B Pill Denied by FDA

. 12/07/2011 . 1 Comment

This morning the FDA denied a petition to change the Plan B morning after pill from a prescription drug to a retail product available even to girls under the age of 17.

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She’s Hot, You’re Not – How To Get Her to Like You Anyway

. 12/04/2011 . 0 Comments

From the teens into their 40s, men are confused about what women seek in a man. Here are a few tips to help get you closer to having the girl of your dreams like you back.

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A Date is NOT You Making Butt-Prints on My Couch!

. 11/30/2011 . 3 Comments

The first thing some men do after talking on the phone a time or two is press for an invitation to a woman’s home. Their idea of a date is spending time together relaxing on your couch… in close proximity to the bedroom. A “no, I don’t know you well enough yet” response may cause such a man to press even harder or become downright irritated at your refusal to give him what he wants. What is behind this increasingly common behavior pattern, and what should women do to counter it?

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The Strange Thing About The Johnsons Discussion

. 11/28/2011 . 1 Comment

We take a whole new look at child sexual abuse in this riveting short film that puts an interesting twist on the power and control games, the denial and the unwillingness of witnesses to protect victims. Share your thoughts

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Seven Dumb Things Women Tell Each Other About Men and Relationships

. 11/20/2011 . 17 Comments

There are dozens of silly things women tell each other about men, dating, love and relationships, these are the seven that cause the most damage to the female spirit.

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