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The Black Man’s Blind Dating Rules

| 10/01/2011 | Comments (2)
The Black Man's Blind Dating Rules

Black man’s blind date rules were inspired by viewing the television show “Blind Date,” in which numerous men play themselves in order to gain the attention and affection of women. As the saying goes…”you have only one chance at making a first impression,” and it’s sad to say many men end up making complete fools of themselves in one way or another. Everything from stripping down naked, singing, dancing, putting on make-up, groping, begging, and lewd sexual overtures leave many men in compromising positions, much to their date’s amusement (or disgust).

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Nine Types of Men You Should Never Date

| 10/01/2011 | Comments (0)
Nine Types of Men You Should Never Date

Men come with baggage just as some women do. If you’re not looking for baggage or added stress to your life, take heed when dating these nine types of men.

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