Dating expert and advice columnist since 1993, writing as Ms. HeartBeat. Author of the hilarious street smart dating guide "Sucka Free Love - How to Avoid Dating The Dumb, The Deceitful, The Dastardly, The Dysfunctional & The Deranged."

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Emotionally Unavailable: I Never Ask for Anything but He Gets the World From Me!

. 01/12/2017 . 2 Comments

A classic story of a young women in love with and chasing an emotionally unavailable game playing man that will never give her the commitment and love she seeks. Why do so many single black women waste their time in dead end relationships with emotionally unavailable men?

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The “What Other People Said About You” Game of Emotional Abuse

. 08/18/2016 . 0 Comments

In video #18 of “The Manipulative Things Black Men Say to Make Black Women Jump Through Hoops!” series, veteran relationship advice columnist and author Deborrah Cooper breaks down the goals of the “lemme tell you what folks said about you” game of emotional abuse. What is emotional abuse? I define it as any words or […]

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Twenty year old woman child abuses her seven year old sister

. 07/16/2016 . 0 Comments

Dear Ms. HeartBeat: My stepdaughter (who is 20 about to be 21 years old) pinched my daughter (age 7) under the arm and it has bruised badly. I asked my husband to deal with it, as he is the biological parent. I was shocked to hear him say that our seven year old daughter deserved it […]

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Why Asking Men for Closure is a Dumb Move

. 07/10/2016 . 1 Comment

Women tend to act confused when a guy suddenly leaves “a relationship” and stops taking their calls, responding to their texts, coming over to visit, asking them out, etc. They wanna act all brand new like he was the love of their life and their heart is broken into smithereens about Clown Ass Fool #79. […]

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Why Women Leave Their Children

. 01/17/2016 . 0 Comments

Why do some women abandon their children to their parents or the child’s father, and show no interest in being a mother ever again? Ms. HeartBeat has the answer.

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Are We Obligated to Give My Sister a Baby Shower?

. 11/28/2014 . 1 Comment

My sister’s first baby is due in three months and I’m wondering if we’re obligated to throw a baby shower for her? A few people have already commented that they wouldn’t be coming if we did throw a baby shower, because they’re pissed they never received a ‘thank you’ note from my sister from her wedding two years ago.

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Girlfriend Has Big Boobs but Won’t Show Them Off

. 10/30/2014 . 2 Comments

Boyfriend is disturbed because his girlfriend has a great rack (boobs), but won’t wear revealing clothing to show them off. Why benefits does he think he is going to receive from his girl wearing next to nothing?

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My Two Year Old Son is Abusive to His Four Month Old Sister

. 10/28/2014 . 1 Comment

Mom asks what she can do to get her abusive two year old son to stop biting, smacking and head butting his four month old sister.

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I’m heartbroken wondering if my boyfriend is hanging onto his ex

. 10/26/2014 . 0 Comments

How do you determine if your boyfriend making contact with his ex is just friendly contact to close doors, or if he is trying to get something going again with her?

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My Jealous Man Wants Sex All The Time!

. 08/23/2014 . 0 Comments

A young woman seeks advice about her relationship with a man who demands sex constantly, even when she isn’t in the mood – sometimes she even feels raped. Is she in an emotionally abusive relationship with a sex addict?

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His Bad Back is Controlling Our Sex Life

. 07/29/2014 . 11 Comments

A broke down 42 year old man with a bad back is one of her problems. The other is that she is tolerating a selfish prick and calling his shenanigans a relationship.

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Is He Playing Games With Me While He Cheats on His Girlfriend?

. 05/22/2014 . 0 Comments

He lies, he cheats, he drinks like a fish, and he uses drugs. What in the world is this young lady wasting her time with this loser for?

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