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Lying Liars and Dating – Why Do People Lie So Much?

. 01/26/2012 . 0 Comments

Talk radio discussion of the many types of lies singles and married couples tell their intimate partners, and why lying is tolerated by women. In certain social settings, lying is actually encouraged! How does lying affect trust and commitment in relationships?

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Dating Tips: Compromise Today Could Mean Misery Tomorrow

. 01/03/2012 . 1 Comment

A real life example of how compromise can be an injurious thing for a woman’s self-esteem and treatment in a relationship. When is it okay to compromise and when should a woman stand her ground?

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Survey on Sexual Abuse of Children in the Black Community

. 11/26/2011 . 3 Comments

A survey for victims, witnesses and perpetrators of child sexual abuse in the Black community. Collecting statistical data on sexual abuse and molestation of children, and the secrecy surrounding these heinous crimes in the African American community.

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How to Deal With Jealousy in a Relationship

. 11/19/2011 . 1 Comment

If the green-eyed monster of jealousy rears its ugly head in your relationship, what is the best way to handle it?

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How to Date a Guy – Dating Tips for Women

. 11/19/2011 . 0 Comments

Every woman strikes out on occasion, but if you never get a call back for a second date and your love life is going nowhere it might be time to check the vibe you’re putting out.

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Young Men Being Raised to Be Sociopaths?

. 11/14/2011 . 0 Comments

The lies, manipulation, using of and violence against women has become so widespread and commonplace in U.S. society, that it appears young males are being raised to be sociopaths. We’ll talk about it on this week’s show.

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