Because It’s All Your Fault Black Woman

| 08/14/2012 | Comments (1)

Because It’s All YOUR FAULT Black Women!

Blacks blame females for pretty much ANYTHING when a male is accused of harming a female or a child. Haven’t you noticed that?

If a black male rapes a black female – she shouldn’t have worn that, or she was teasing him or she was in the wrong place. Never do they say to the male You fucking pervert, WTF did you rape her for?

If a black male beats a black female – what did she do or say to MAKE him hit her? She shouldn’t have been with that type of dude. Or there must have been signs to tell her that he was like that and that’s why she got beat down. Never do they say to the male You fucking freak WTF did you beat on a woman for?

If a black male molests a child – why did the momma have that type of man over her children (even if it was the child’s own father, grandfather, the mom’s brother, etc.). She should have KNOWN! Never do they say to the male You fucking perverted freak, WTF did you touch that child for? sad african american woman lonely

If a black male chooses a life of crime and sloth as an adult – its his mommas fault, she raised him! That’s the problem with single parent homes and these black mommas they are trifling. That’s why he is a convict, HIS MOTHER. Never do they say to the male You idiot! WTF did you do that shit for? And never do they say to the male father You Fucking Chump POS, why weren’t you there to help raise your son into something sensible?

If a black male in a religious setting takes advantage of female congregants in any way – she should have not trusted him cause there are devils in the church! Why didn’t she go to a different church? Why did she LET him get her in that office like that all alone? Why did she TRUST him? Never do they say to the male You are a disgusting POS and a fraud, WTF did you do that for using God as your cover?

So you see, this is a common mentality in black America. It’s mental illness, its sickness, its a thought process which protects black males and doesn’t hold them accountable for anything they do to women and children, while killing the spirit of black females and young people. It’s toxic and it must stop.

Some have said that we need to pray, and that God is the answer.

Well I say that until black people give up the bible and church, they will forever be caught in this matrix. Depending upon Jesus to save you won’t do the trick obviously or it would have happened by now.

Not only that, when a male is pounding on you or molesting a child, he sho ain’t thinking about Jesus or Allah or nobody else but himself! Yet black women defend these clowns and protect them from police and prison and accountability. This nonsense is such a deeply ingrained part of black culture now that its shameful to see.

It’s so bad that when an 11 year old girl was gang raped by 18 adult black males, black folks across the country blamed the child. Even the rapists own mothers were on television defending their rapist sons and vilifying the little girl.

I’m telling you, this is some sick and twisted mess going on in the heads of black people.

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  1. Razzy says:

    When black folks get their heads out of religion and stop elevating males simply because they have a penis, and stop buying into that women are helpmeets mentality, and start valuing females, then this whole sick twisted mindset will go away.

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