Black Churches – Where Women Pray and Men Prey

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Pray, Pay and Obey!

Black churches are full of black women and children. Black women are statistically the most church-going demographic in the United States. But what has all the being on your knees in black churches and praying brought you?

 ? ? ?

Not a husband!

Black churches are filled to the brim with single women waiting year after year after year for God to bless them with a man.

Not more money!

According to Black Enterprise magazine, the median wealth of the African American woman in the U.S. is less than $100, yet Black women fund pastors that live lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Not more power!The Black Church Where Women Pray and Men Prey by Deborrah Cooper

Black women have been brainwashed into believing that their primary “role” is to lift up and submit to Black men. No matter how smart and accomplished a Black woman is outside of church, once within those walls she is nothing without a man. 

Not more peace of mind!

Pastors are not trained or equipped to handle mental or emotional illnesses, yet they practice as mental health professionals – illegal in every state in the country.

Church is not a safe place for your children either, with rampant sexual abuse and molestation within Black churches at epidemic levels.

All that going to church does for Black women is keep your spirits wanting while you fatten the pockets of greedy pastors, hip to the last legal pimp game there is!

All that going to Black churches does is make you and your children easy prey for many types of predators commonly found in the pulpits and pews of Black churches across America.


Pray, Pay and Obey!


Based on the shocking blog post that had CNN, Al Sharpton, Michael Baisden, Michael Eric Dyson, Al Joyner and all of Black America in an uproar: “The Black Church: How Black Churches Keep African American Women Single and Lonely!” author Deborrah Cooper continues an uncomfortable examination of the Christian religion, Prosperity Gospel, and Black preachers in The Black Church: Where Women Pray and Men Prey.

A shocking exposé of the manipulative games of female behavioral control, fleecing the flock and other questionable goings-on in Black churches across the U.S. In her newest book on the black church, Deborrah Cooper reveals the truth about how the church pimp game is used by unscrupulous black men to demean, sexually abuse and rob black women and their children in what is supposed to be the house of God!

Click to find out more information about The Black Church - Where Women Pray and Men Prey

Exposing Dozens of Shocking Realities About Black Churches…

  • Why children that attend Black churches are sitting ducks for child molesting pedophiles
  • How the church game in the pulpit and the pimp game on the streets mirror each other
  • Why the majority of Black women in church will hear nothing but false promises made by false prophets
  • How Biblical scriptures are cleverly twisted to manipulate your thoughts and behaviors with guilt and shame
  • The real reason there are few single Black males of marriageable quality in Black churches
  • Why no one prospers from Prosperity Gospel but the men to whom you give your money
  • How to take charge of your financial future and spirituality without ever setting foot in a church again

No matter how you feel about church, this book reveals some uncomfortable truths. 

Every black woman that thinks church is the best place to spend her time or money needs to read it.

Every black woman that takes her children to church needs to read it.

Every black woman that spends more than an hour per week ‘in service’ to a church needs to read it.

Every black woman that worships her Pastor even more than she worships God needs to read it.

Every black woman that shouts that she is married to Jesus needs to read it. 

Listen to podcast with Author Deborrah Cooper explaining the issues behind this book and the reasons she was motivated to write it!

Listen to internet radio with Ms HeartBeat on Blog Talk Radio

Click here to participate in the Preyed Upon in God’s House research survey upon which certain sections of the book and subsequent articles are based.

Contains dozens of real-life stories of sexual abuse by Pastors, Ministers, Bishops, and church members, along with astute observations about the games being run on Black women. Too many black churches are run like cults with the omnipotent leader in charge. Billions of dollars are taken in by churches in the U.S. every year – do you know how your Black church dollars are spent? Are the messages you’re hearing in church from the lips of your pastor really the truth or are they merely words spoken to control you and your wallet? These cold, hard questions and the surprising answers will be revealed when you read this book!

The Black Church: Where Black Women Pray and Men Prey!

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Comments (82)

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  1. zipporah says:

    In the BIBLE, it doesnt say for women to submit to men, it says to submit to you OWN husband..not randome men somewhere..submission is a form of respect. FOR MEN… it says to LOVE YOUR WIFE LIKE YOUR OWN BODY….and to cherish, and take care of it. It’s strange how these women got it mixed up

  2. Deborrah says:

     @PatFinley  You wrote “but then if there is no higher power than yourself, and no afterlife, people have little reason to be decent. I see the selfishness of people, and the world coming to ‘everyone out for themselves’ because they have no higher purpose than themselves. This is the moral tragedy.”Have you forgotten about the millions of people slaughtered around the world in the name of God? How pastors and priests blessed guns and bombs before wars so that Americans would win? You also act like people were never decent towards each other before men came along and created religion. The ignorance of world history displayed in your posts is utterly amazing.
    “Everyone trying to do it themselves, putting themselves first, with no faith in God is why the world is falling.  God’s plan is to consider God first, then others and ourselves. The ironic thing is that when you do this, God takes care of your needs, in ways that could not be explained. This is faith.”This is not faith, this stupidity. Black women are ALWAYS told that they need to put themselves last, which is why black women are the most overweight, the most stressed, have heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure. Black women sacrifice themselves, their needs, their desires, their money and their time When you always put yourself last and others first, you end up being taken advantage of, used, abused, and walked on like a rug. Black women that think the way you set out are fools. The world is going downhill, I agree. But it is because MEN PUT THEMSELVES FIRST AND WOMEN DO NOT which makes the world out of balance. Because of religion women believe they are less important, less valuable, less deserving of treatment and fairness and respect because they are female, which means that millions of black women have set themselves up to be failures in life and with men. The way educated, accomplished women reduce their bright light to make men feel better than them is just appalling. No God would wish such a thing! This is the talk of MEN that wish to subdue and dominate women. And females like YOU Pat Finley are full-fledged participants in the downfall of women. This website is not a forum for you to spew your religious rhetoric. If you want to do that, set up your own online church and have a great time. I suggest you visit WORDPRESS.COM or BLOGGER.COM and make that happen. This is not the place for all that.

    • Razzy says:

       @Deborrah  @PatFinley 
      THANK YOU!  She running all up and down this thread like it’s her personal pulpit and she is ministering… All she is doing is conveying the same tired old pimp preaching message that keeps women mired down.
      She really needs to STFU, read your book, get a clue and take that old male dominant sexist sermonizing BS someplace else.  All that talk like she, alone knows what god’s plan is… She sounds hella stupid with that old mess she talks.  I heard it growing up. I’ve seen black women who have sacrificed themselves by putting everyone and everything before them, and these women either end up in an early grave, or have such terrible mental and physical health issues, that they are pretty useless. 

    • Razzy says:

       @Deborrah  @PatFinley 
      Thank you Deborrah!  Pat finely is all up and down this thread cramming ‘her religious’ beliefs down everyone’s throats as if this is her personal pulpit.  Nobody wants to hear all that sermonizing. It is about your book… not ‘her interpretation of what she thinks god and the bible says as though she has some exclusive hotline.   folks don’t need her to interpret, they can read and understand  for themselves.
      And you are right, she is totally ignorant of world historical facts if she thinks religion causes people to be moral.  But then when have staunch fundamentalist bible thumpers been ‘intelligent’ when it comes to actual facts… All they do is bible thump. 
      And as for her pushing that pimp male dominated thought that people should put themselves last.. is not the message black women need to hear.  Black women already do that to their detriment.  I’ve seen black women put everyone first but themselves and end up either in an early grave or so mentally and physically fucked up trying to martyr themselves while hoping the lord will see them through, that they are pretty much used up and become useless and incapacitated.  All she is doing is the exact same thing, you talked about.. pushing that ‘pimp male dominated talk that keeps black women mired down… She needs to take that shit elsewhere.  From what I’ve seen of your site, this is not the place for it.  You are about women empowerment.. not laying down martyring yourself so people can walk all over you.

      • MsMyers says:

         @Razzy  @Deborrah  @PatFinley Razzy…u suck; your mouth is HORRIBLE; your point of view is DARK! Your breath smells bad all the way from cyberspace and you never say uplifting words!  At least Deborrah has a chance…yours look very slim at this point…
        Pat, u keep on standing! U r doing a great job and u know already, God’s got your front, back and your sides!

  3. smartgal50 says:

    I was just wondering also why are these issues seen so strongly in the black church.  I know of a church where dating is forbidden.  The congregation is mostly filled with college students and many are young married couples who stated that they didn’t date until the Lord revealed their partner to them and then it’s confirmed by the pastor. Other than that they are not allow to mingle together as couples until God has revealed it to them that they can be a couple and also they sit  on opposite sides of the church, male side female side.  I was told by a member that the pastor stated “Dating is for married people.  So what do you all take of that one

    • Deborrah says:

       @smartgal50 I think women in churches really need to wake up. In the book provide a detailed checklist to use to determine if the church you attend is more a cult than a place to celebrate God. From the description you write above, the church your friend attends is dangerously cult-like.

      • MsMyers says:

        It IS a place to celebrate God. Now people who ostricize the church can only c the glass half-empty, not half full. I hope your next venture with the church people  uses a wider persective than before. My tenure is 38 years in different black churches of all of the christian faiths, including nonChristian ones like Mormonism, Catholicism, among others. I have enough tenure to talk about what I’ve lived. How r the book sales anyway?

        • Deborrah says:

          @MsMyers So do I. I don’t need to go to church to see that what is going on in too many black churches is suspect. It doesn’t take 38 years to figure that out. It’s like this – I can look outside and see that it’s raining. I don’t need to go outside, get wet, ruin my hair and catch a cold to see that its raining outside. I can instead put on my boots and rain coat and hat and grab an umbrella to protect myself from getting wet.
          My book is the boots, umbrella and rain slicker. You prefer to go outside and get wet. To each his or her own. You live your life wet, and I live mine dry.
          Book sales are fabulous. Considering the book has been out only two weeks and already sold more than 500 copies I think things are off to a great start.

        • Razzy says:

           @MsMyers “How r the book sales anyway?”
          Did you buy the book? 

        • MsMyers says:

          On your book sales…
          Good for u. So when your time comes to answer to God for what a good soldier you’ve been, let’s see what He tells you about how many people you helped to steer away from the church versus towards…
          About your rain gear.,..
          I’d rather be wet and moist and pliable and usable, teachable instead of dry and brittle and crusty and peeling from the ‘heat”…unable to work with…unbendable…unteachable…
          About my Christian tutelage…
           I have been leaning on and living by these statutes my entire life and if I had it to do over again, I would have gone and given in a little sooner in life, learn to combat this sacriligeous talk and will have gone to school to teach you and Razzy and others like you a slick way of cornering you into the truth so that you wouldn’t either be on your death bed finally acknowledging God or not acknowledging Him at all.  I am HONORED to have been brought up in a family who abides by and knows the TRUTH. I feel for your dogma.  Yours is defending the unknown to remain unknown since u can’t c it; it’s not there. Mine is believing, then knowing and confessing to the unknown now, when it is absolutely apparent to do so!
          At least I was BRAVE enough to try it just to see if it worked as an adult and I came right back full circle to what I knew all along but had to chance leaving to c if it would be different or the same; it was the same: God is ALMIGHTY; GOD can knock u out with a thought, but He loves you too much to do that to u, so He allows u to say and do what u will until your breath is gone; then it will be too late! 
          So when you stand in front of Him, you r going to remember me and Pat Finlay among others who tried relentlessly to warn you, to love you in, to help u to c and know the TRUTH, but didn’t listen.
          As long as u have breath, u still have time; don’t let pride send you to HELL! An Razzy is helping u go because he wants to go and is sold out and taking others with him…now that’s an agenda!

        • Deborrah says:

           @MsMyers I think you will remember ME when you get wherever you are going sO I am not the least bit concerned about any of what you are talking about.

  4. smartgal50 says:

    Deborah, I haven’t read your book yet but from the excepts and comments I’ve read you are saying things that I’ve been thinking all alone, and believe it or not they’re are some women pastors using the same scheme to get rich off their Bible believing members.  They trick them into paying massage amounts of money in the offering, and if you look around these members are driving raggy cars and living in downgraded home while she the pastor has bought a mansions in the white neighborhood.  It’s happening right here in my neighborhood.  People do not use their brains to analyze and research things, and if they do research and find a thought that doesn’t go along with what they were taught they consider it teachings from the devil and they proclaim loud and clear that they won’t have any parts of that.  Poor People in this world.

    • Deborrah says:

      Yes, I discuss those female pastors/ministers in the book. There is no difference – they utilize the same principles and tactics that the men do. The pimp game doesn’t change.

    • PatFinley says:

       @smartgal50 I think you should bring it to their attention.  Then you will see who the glory is really going to.  I believe God honors intentions.  God doesn’t need money, but tests faith.  When we give with good intentions, God makes it work according to His purpose.  Money going to a church should be used to expand the church and the services to the members as it grows.  If too much it being put toward the pastors’ rich lifestyle, then one  should find another church.

      • Razzy says:

         @PatFinley One doesn’t have to belong to an organized religion, or believe in god in order to do good works, have a sense of community and do for their fellow man.  There are plenty of non christians, non believers who do wonderful things for their fellow man and they don’t need a church or a religious belief to do it.  They just roll up their sleeves and do it. One doesn’t need to be propped up by a religion in order to have morals and decency about them and to give back and be productive citizens.

        • PatFinley says:

           @Razzy But then if there is no higher power than yourself, and no afterlife, people have little reason to be decent.   I see the selfishness of people, and the world coming to ‘everyone out for themselves’ because they have no higher purpose than themselves.  This is the moral tragedy.  Everyone trying to do it themselves, putting themselves first, with no faith in God is why the world is falling.  God’s plan is to consider God first, then others and ourselves.  The ironic thing is that when you do this, God takes care of your needs, in ways that could not be explained.  This is faith.

        • Razzy says:

           @PatFinley “But then if there is no higher power than yourself, and no afterlife, people have little reason to be decent’
          I have to laugh at this statement especially given how many so called christians who get caught with their pants down and believe in all that religious drivel of an afterlife and an imaginary sky god and some such.  The most heinous crimes committed throughout history in this world were done by religious people who touted the bible and god as the reasoon for their egregious crimes against humanity. 
          I am the power, I am the higher power.  I believe in me, the power of me.  There is no need for  me to walk around thinking I am less than and that there is some imaginary dominant force out there for me to seek it’s approval. That kind of thinking automatically seeks to make one feel small, powerless and unimportant.  I don’t have to believe in an imaginary god in order to do good works, and be a decent person and feel powerful and have high self esteem.  To me, only weak minded people think that way. I stand on my own two feet and believe in myself.  I don’t need some fairy tale book or imaginary god to give me a moral compass.  But if ‘you do Pat, then that works for you.  But you shouldn’t try to put your values and how you feel about yourself onto others.  Everyone is not you.  If you want to believe in your god and need a book to prop yourself up on and to tell you what to do, then that’s you. But stop thinking others need to do the same.

        • Razzy says:

           @PatFinley “Everyone trying to do it themselves, putting themselves first, with no faith in god is why the world is failing.
          god’s plan is to consider god first, then others and ourselves”
          Wow how simplistic… but typical of the religious drivel that people like you resort to when you don’t really have an intelligent in-depth answer based on facts.  Everything is about god and religion.  The same old doom and gloom story that all christians love to repeat over and over.  The same mindless group think.  Wow christians really are ‘sheep’ they all say the same meaningless things over and over again.  This type of thinking Pat is why so many women become victimized by religion. They are indoctrinated by religion to put everyone else first but themselves.  I am so glad i am free from the religious mind think.

    • zipporah says:

      When I see churches full of black people who speak english…and its not a historical AME or COGIC church, I would think it is a cult. Look what happened to Creflo Dollar…thousands of blacks and the whites looked like ‘salt; …lol….he abused his daughter…teenagers could get the best of you sometimes, but couldnt Taffi get him into  family counseling with other pastors BEFORE it got out of hand?

      • MsMyers says:

         @zipporah @Deborrah  u can’t take 1 stuation from an obvious fallible human being and judge his whole character like the world does. The minute one person makes a mistake, they r ostricized. Now who is judging?

        • Razzy says:

           @MsMyers  @zipporah  @Deborrah 
          Creflo dollar drop kicking his 15 year old daughter is viewed by you as ‘simply a mistake?”  Wow…!!!  Another so called xtian woman who has normalized abuse

        • MsMyers says:

          I refuse to comment to u anymore Razzy…it is a lost cause with u…u r sold out into falsehood…I don’t know how prayer can help u because u don’t want help. No power to u!

  5. PatFinley says:

    Bottom line IMHO, I suppose cult churches are everywhere; just depends on where the worship is going!  Is the money going to preacher worship?  Funds should be going to further God’s word, to expand the church.  If it’s going to a rich preacher, that is a big red flag.  The Bible says “One cannot have two masters.”  You cannot put God first if you put the preacher first.  When you put money first you are cannot put God first.  Acting selfishly and impulsively is equivalent to self worship. But put God first and everything falls into place.  Worship the wrong god (making oneself a god, or other people, or money) and following the wrong ideas, and you most likely have a cult. 

    • Razzy says:

       @PatFinley “You cannot put god first if you put the preacher first,… But put god first and everything falls into place… worship the wrong god (making oneself a god or other people…)
      Listen Pat (Or should I say, sermonizing preacher pat.  This is not your pulpit, you are not preaching a sermon.  This is about Deborrah Cooper’s book. YOu are all up and down this thread touting ‘your opinions’ as if what you think is ‘THE TRUTH”. It’s not… it’s just your interpretation of what you think.  You are doing the exact same thing as the pimp preachers do that Ms. Cooper talks about in her article, ‘The black church, why it keeps black women single and lonely, and what she mentions in the upcoming book (from what I’ve gleaned from the excerpts).
      You talk all of this nonsense and expect folks to ‘believe what you say, just because you said it.  Listen… You ain’t special.  You don’t have some direct exclusive line to what you think your god says.  So you need to stop running up and down this thread sermonizing as if you do.  You all up and down this thread talking about god says this and god says that… as though you alone and nobody else knows what god says.  I mean really, who the hell are you?  Anybody can open their mouth and say what they ‘think god says’… it doesn’t make you anymore right than it does some prisoner who got religious after killing 50 folks and suddenly he claims to know what ‘god says’.  All ya’ll are full of it..
      Not one word do you have to say about the book itself.  Nobody needs you to be running up and down this thread treating it like it’s your own personal pulpit sermonizing to folks about what ‘you think’ god said’.  Nobody asked you.  Credit people with some sense.  If people read the bible for themselves, let them determine for themselves what they think god says… they don’t need you to do it… Again, that’s what pimp reachers do… tell people what to think and believe based on ‘their opinion… as though what they think… is the only thought that matters… And stupid sheep lead people believe them..
      Recognize, the women who posts on this blog that you are interacting with are not mindless sheep quick to believe any drivel that falls from some koolaide drinking religified person’s lips.  They are smart, highly intelligent and can think for themselves.
      I believe it was mentioned, that if you want to sermonize, go create your own blog and do it on your on page.. all that religious rhetoric you talking isn’t wanted here.. And all you are doing is the ‘female pimp talking preaching version of what males in church do.. Keep that old mess to yourself.

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