Black males really do hate black women, and here’s the proof!

| 10/31/2015 | Comments (3)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you’ve seen the video of a black 15 year old South Carolina high school female student being thrown around the room like a rag doll by a burly white school resource (police) officer.

There is no reason for an adult male, revealed to be a bodybuilder, to choke a young girl, toss her around the room, then sit on her like she was a mass murderer. Oh but wait, when white people are mass murderers, they get handled gently and taken to Burger King because they are hungry. He was on the lam after gunning down nine innocent people, and he got treated to fast food because all that murdering and running through the night made him work up an appetite.

Not surprising, racist ass white people were all on the side of the officer. She’s black, she must have done something to deserve what she got. What didn’t surprise me either was the fact that so many black people sided with the officer. As we know, black males and females hate young black women – black women period – but especially teens. This is evidenced by the fact that every time a teen girl is raped, beaten, molested, abducted or impregnanted by a black male she is blamed for it. Though she was the victim, she is called a whore, a slut, a THOT, she asked for it, she knew what she was doing, she trapped him, she is “fast”, she she she.

Rarely is the guy turned in for his crime against a woman, as black men AND WOMEN protect the male and side against the female.

So black folks create an environment where black women and girls are not protected, not supported, and victimized again as the black community in large numbers turn their backs and side with the males. Unless the victim is a black male, the black community is strangely silent. No marches, no protests, sometimes not even an acknowledgement of the injury that was done.

It is the most appalling and disgusting attitude.

Just yesterday the students at Spring Valley High where the student attack took place staged a protest. As a parent, I’d hoped that they were marching against the officer who had a history of violence against the students – so much so that his nickname was “Officer Slam.”students walk out to protest firing of SC police officer

In all actuality, the black students were walking out in support of the violent officer. Yup, read that again.

Students of Spring Valley High got together with t-shirts and signs to stage a protest over the officer being fired. They got together to show support for the man who body slammed and choked a fellow student and threw her across the room like trash.

In support of the man who broke the law.

In support of the man who committed an abuse of power and hurt the very students he was there to protect.

In support of the man who abused a minor child with no regard for the fact that he had 30 witnesses. In support of a man who is being sued for his lies on black students, going out of his way to hurt black students for years.

Why? Because black men hate black women.

It disturbs me greatly that our black children hate themselves and anyone who looks like them. In all actuality what they are hating is a black teen female. Don’t misunderstand the focus and intent. Anytime a black woman is injured or suffering, there are black males who will gloat, film it, and encourage the abuse. They do nothing to defend her. They make no protest. They schedule no marches to show support of what they love to refer to as “our women” when it has something to do with sex.

Black males will do nothing to stop the attack but stand right there looking – as did the black male teacher when the 15 year old black female student was being tossed across the classroom and choked. In many instances black males will do nothing but laugh, jeer, and sometimes even move in to “get some” too. Videos like this are all over World Star. Why? Because black men hate black women.

But here we have a young man who gets it.

He posted this up on Facebook yesterday. But you know what happened? One of those same black women hating ashy ass nigras reported him to Facebook saying that his post contained “nudity.” Facebook of course took it down claiming that it violated community standards. It’s okay because his words will forever be memorialized on this blog because HE GETS IT.
why black men hate black women

Black women need to wake the fuck up and start focusing on protecting yourselves and your daughters and let black men fend for themselves.

How can you have a group of men whining about being leaders, kings, royalty and the like that depend on you to support and do for them when they won’t get off their asses to do anything for themselves? How can you think it makes sense to turn your backs on your girls and allow men to molest them, rape and impregnate them, abandon them, abduct and pimp them, and beat them down in school or anywhere else — and you protect the perpetrators instead of the child victim?black men do not love or protect black women

For more than a decade I’ve been writing and speaking about the issues in the black community and how those issues negatively impact black women. I’ve done all I can to raise awareness, point out the flaws in thinking that set black women up for suffering and abuse, expose the social and religious programming of black females, and show women that there is a way out.

But black women need to do the work. Black women need to start by eliminating this sick fixation on being loyal to black men just because of their paint job! Unless a man has proven by his actions that he is down for you and yours, he should not have the benefits of your time, energy or devotion just because he is black.  Make him prove that he deserves it. Respect the value that you bring to a man’s life, and respect yourself as having value to give.

And if you have a son you need to make sure that you have some serious discussions with him about his attitudes regarding women, what your expectations are, how the world will view and treat him, and what you will not tolerate from him as a member of your family.  Do all you can to raise your son to be someone we can all admire and be proud of.

Because the way things are going right now, the black community is about to implode, and it will be because of black males. Black women need to accept that black men hate black women. Black women need to accept the facts and reality of the time we live in.

Look around you and you’ll see proof everywhere that black men in overwhelming numbers don’t give a shit whether you live or die, and in too many instances will hurt or kill you without hesitation, just because they feel like it or find themselves in a bad mood.

Get ready ladies, because we will be just as we are right now and have been for generations – on our own.

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  1. tbiga says:

    Thanks for this sobering post. Feels like sisters have some big decisions ahead of us: how do we fight/survive the society’s racism and misogynoir of black males? It’s hard to ignore the violence, hate against us from our own blk men but how do we live with and love our people once we accept this reality? My heart breaks seeing this as a sign that we will really crumble in this society, because if blk women truly decide to walk away from our comnunity, and blk men in particular, then we’re doomed. Deborrah, I hope you respond because its heartbreaking that I as a blk woman will have to divest myself from my own people. Please bring your radio show backU0001f61e

  2. simplylois says:

    Facebook hates black women because they won’t take that hateful tommy sotomayer blog down. This guy show s support for bw and he is taken down. Sounds like a conspiracy.

  3. Crazydaisy says:

    Truth!! Nothing but mothereffing  TRUTH DAMMIT!!

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