Colonel of Wisdom Not Very Wise About Black Women, Female Sexuality or Men

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Why would a woman focus so hard on what one advice columnist (me) says and does when it comes to female sexuality and  sexual freedom for women?  This Colonel of Wisdom chick from You Tube goes so far as to call women whores and to describe a woman that has multiple lovers as having “a high mileage vagina.” Wow. Really? I had to check my calendar to make sure it was still 2012 and not 1612 instead!female sexuality black women sexuality

Are There Any Benefits to Women to Suppress Their Sexuality?

What is the benefit to women of staying chaste to meet the approval of judgmental, condemning black men and women that judge females by what goes on between their legs? Think about that and please provide your answer in the comments section. Because I don’t see one. I think that women learn their bodies and learn themselves and get good at sex by having sex! Just like anything else, it takes practice to get comfortable with sexuality and to become skilled at sex.

Is There on Odometer on a Female Vagina?

How can a woman have a “high mileage vagina” like there is an odometer on it? Male equipment is reported to average 7″ in length which means there are a lot that are smaller and some that are larger as well. However, compared to a 7-10 lb baby, whatever a man has between his legs is nothing! So who would worry about what a woman has done with her vagina and how much it has been used? How can a little tiny penis make any difference? It doesn’t except to a guy on the lower end of that average.

Anyway, this is the list, in no particular order of importance, of the men and women that worry about what a woman has done with her vagina:

  1. Male dominated women that live their lives seeking approval from men they don’t even know;
  2. Men that are insecure about their masculinity who have been rejected by the hot girls that didn’t want them because they have no sexual dynamism;
  3. Women that mistakenly believe that they have a higher value to men and will have a better marriage because they didn’t sleep around;
  4. Women that mistakenly believe their husband won’t cheat on them because they deliver a low mileage vagina to him;
  5. Men that have little to no sexual experience with women and are afraid that the men you slept with before had a bigger dick then he does;
  6. Men that have little to no sexual experience with women who are terrified that the men you slept with before can satisfy you better than he can;
  7. Angry black men that believed by going to school and getting a job, they would be entitled to get the hot girls they wanted. They are pissed that they were rejected while young and that women don’t want them until they are older;
  8. Men that have little to no sexual experience with women who are afraid that you will laugh at him because his sexual skills are lacking. He’s angry too!;
  9. Men that are angry and resentful that they grew up without getting the pussy and girls they wanted, so now they think they have the right to put women down that previously rejected them who might be more interested in what they have to offer now that the women have gotten the play out of their system.

Why Can’t These Guys Man Up and Stop Being Little Bitches?

angry young black man

Why can’t these women realize that the days of women living their lives full of anxiety and sexual frustration (aka “hysterical“) to keep their vagina pure in order to please men are long over. Women have the right to pursue relationships with multiple lovers, enjoy sex with guys that are skilled lovers, and to become a wife later in life after having lovely experiences with men, freely expressing your full sexuality.

You too can enjoy sexing down hot dudes when young, then marry the corny provider dude when you are older and have gotten all the play out of your system by following the Five Golden Rules for Dating a Street Dude.  Remember, you do not fall in love with these types of guys because they are NOT relationship material. There is a skill to everything and rules which must be closely followed before you play yourself!

The video below explains why black women should not worry about black men’s religious-based judgments of female sexuality, their harsh labels, fears or criticisms. Learn how to get the best of both worlds by playing men’s games even better than they do!


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Comments (10)

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  1. Hollahan says:

    lol!! ColonelOf Wisdom is a man. This  person on youtube ISayThisWithLuv exposed her/him/it! It was hilarious.

  2. kiki100 says:

    ColonelOf Wisdom is a man I think. I saw some antiblack woman video and knew this was a man. I am shocked that this nonsense  comes from a woman.

  3. Lyndon says:

    There’s a lot of truth regarding rejected and insecure men being the most judgemental. But DAMN your advice couldn’t be more irresponsible and misleading on such a vital topic. Do you not know the rates of disease among women in our community? This doesnt even include bastard children born daily.
    Women are OBVIOUSLY enjoying sex these days and aint nothing stoppin em. I applaud another woman stepping up and attempting to slow this bs down. How hard is it for women to find sex? Not hard at all. So why glorify and promote promiscuity among any sex at all. Black men already carry the stigma of being hypersexual, what youre saying is “Women, Join em”. Thats crazy and totally contradictory to your promotion of accountability.
    An average lookin chick can step out on to any random street and open her legs and “get it”. Your green light to do so is a “hoe” billboard for women who may be seeking a moment of clarity and trying to steer clear of the dangers of open sex. Everybody aint built for this lifestyle. Some women are already damaged and scarred from shit like this (as early as childhood). Abstaining at any age provides time for clarity and a chance to break the spiritual hold some sex partners bring about.
    I simply see nothing good at all from pushing women to live it up and be free.
    Messages like these often drive younger women who already have no guidance to jump on board. This is ridiculous and completely thoughtless.

    • Deborrah says:

       @Lyndon You missed the point entirely.
      My point is the double standard. Men want to do what they want to do then sit around and JUDGE women as if every woman that does even 25% of the activity that these guys do is somehow a vile nasty harlot. A woman enjoying sex responsibly is hardly a refusal to accept accountability. Nor does having sex equal disease or pregnancy. It’s about having sex responsibly and handling your business.
      The average looking woman doesn’t want just everyone jumping her bones. You make it sound like women just walk down the street and sleep with a man. Wow, how disrespectful and disgusting an attitude you have.
      Women can do whatever they want with their bodies. My point is that if they decide to have more than one lover or even more than 100, they should not feel guilty about it. Neither should they NOT do it to meet anyone’s approval or standards but their own.  No woman is obligated to listen to you, care about what you think, or do what you say because you are a male and place yourself in the position of deciding what is appropriate behavior for females vs. males.
      That is my point.  Women already do live it up and most are free. Those that are not do what they do to please men. I am telling them to stop. Whether they sleep with other people or not, their decision should NEVER be based on seeking approval of men from being a “good girl”. Women should do what they do based on their own standards, their own compass of what makes sense, following their own heart and mind.
      It is only considered ridiculous and thoughtless by men that are used to being in the power seat, controlling female sexuality with their judgments and criticisms. I’m basically telling women to tell all men that think like you do to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

      • zipporah says:

        @Deborrah @Lyndon I could see your thoughts on the DOUBLE STANDARD–dont these men know, they could get hit up on child support? and one man could make 30 women pregnant?(tell dood that) No dood could even afford that..Kates ex husband cant even afford his 8..all the same age/

    • zipporah says:

      @Lyndon y’know, the best sex between two people, are TWO VIRGINS(that wasnt into, they still exist..they could practice 50 years to get their big ‘O’..and have children and grandchildren together….im not just dreamin’…LOL

    • Razzy says:

       @Lyndon “I simply see nothing good at all from pushing women to live it up and be free”
      Of course you don’t. As a male, you want women to live under the control of men and never experience any personal freedom.  As a black male you want to retain judgmental control over telling a black woman what to do, how to do it, and have the final say over whether or not she is deemed valuable in her eyes based on your standards. So of course you wouldn’t want a woman to have the attitude of ‘fuck all ya’ll niggas and your judgmental attitude. It’s my body, and I will do with it what I want when I want’ and any male who don’ like it can kiss my azz.”

      If more women were empowered to think this way, males would lose control overnight.

  4. cns says:

    Love it. Would you consider doing a matchmaker show? This is great advise.

  5. Razzy says:

    I love this video.  The thing is, any male who interrogates a woman about her past, is a male who has probably never even been in a relationship before. I have never had a male to interrogate me about my past lovers, NEVER!! 

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