Black Women – Stop Nurturing Grown Ass Men

| 01/29/2017 | Comments (13)

Why do Black women think it is their responsibility to “nurture” Black men? Where did that fantasy adult baby nonsense come from? And when will Black men stop expecting to be nurtured like breastfeeding infants, and women get a clue that it is not your job to nurture a grown ass man?

nur·ture [nur-cher] Show IPA verb, -tured, -tur·ing, noun
verb (used with object)

1. to feed and protect: to nurture one’s offspring.

2. to support and encourage, as during the period of training or development; foster: to nurture promising musicians.

3. to bring up; train; educate.

Instead of using the word “nurture” in relation to grown ass men, Black women need to modify their vocabulary. Use the word “encourage” instead. Of everything on the list above which sets out the formal definition of the word “nurture,” that word is the only one a grown woman should ever do for her man.

  • You are not there to feed some grown ass man.
  • You are not there to bring up some grown ass man.
  • You are not there to train some grown ass man.
  • You are not there to educate some grown ass man.
  • You are not there to protect some grown ass man.
  • You are not there to foster some grown ass man.

As I’ve said many times before, Black women have this shit all twisted up in their heads, and their role in a man’s life and their children’s lives flipped.  Black women want to leave their children to fend for themselves, and nurture and coddle grown men.

Woman get this straight: you nurture babies and children, not adults. And any Black man looking for his  partner to nurture him needs to go get some shrink time and work that out. You have it twisted. You suck on your Momma’s breast like a baby getting nurtured and fed, not your wife’s. Momma nurtured you, it is not your wife’s job nor your girlfriend’s job to nurture you.  Your partner is there to have your back as you strive for greatness AS A MAN – that’s it! That’s all.

Now if you can’t get with that, you need to not have a girlfriend or a wife because you are not mature enough. Go get a bottle, fill it with Pablum, and suck away.

Any Black woman reading this – get clear. I have no patience for Black women that coddle and nurture men. Your behavior towards them is contributing to the sorry pile of shit we have in the Black community running around calling themselves “men” now. Step back and let their big heads hit the ground. That is the only way children learn, by doing. You cannot protect your children from every scrape and cut, and you most certainly cannot and should not even try to protect adult men.

Do not ever use the word “nurture” in relation to your relationship with a grown ass man ever again.


[Originally published 12/11/2011)

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Fact is ,no hot sister is letting a man lay upon her.Unattractive,fat and women with a mess of children and more than one baby daddy are the only black women that will let a guy lay up on them like this.And for every one guy that pimp women like this,there are 4 or more women that has some sucker manginia working two jobs to keep her material worshiping azz in Coach bags and full of designer cup cakes.You see a black woman driving a nice car,chances are some blue collar idiot is busting his azz to pay her car note and get her nails "did".The hotter looking the woman is the greater the chance she is trading coochie for food,jewels,cars,clothes and college money.


Hi, I don't see a problem of women nuturing men.  ONLY, if he has a job, works hard everyday and bring money in the house and take on some household responsibilities.  Now, I don't think a woman shouldn't do all those things if the guy, refuses to get a job and go to work like a man should,  lazy, sit up in the house all day long and watch tv using up the water,lights and eating up all the food while the woman is out all day working, driving her car and don't put gas in, run the streets all day, laying up in the house having sex with her that she is paying for, cheating on her getting other women pregnant.  I think these are the reasons why sisters should nurturing grown men.


That is definately psychopathic (using) behavior, like fake actors being loving and giving compliments, then he is off doing the same damn thing to someone else? This isn't love, just a user being a fake. However, I am still wondering why is this always a color issue? Immaturity is prevalent everywhere, but yes it seems black males are taught this bullshit by older males who should know better. Anyway, these boys need to grow up and understand the difference between childlike behaviour (having fun and being cute) and childish (immature, lazy ass, selfish, mooch behavior) such as taking anything he can get for free take, but having little to give back except for a lot of lip service.


I've been thinking about why that "He said" section of your last article ticked me off. This post summed it up. The whole making men feel like men and nurturing them garbage is all part of the same idiotic mindset. And it blows!!!

I have a boyfriend who makes me feel safe and happy, because he is sure of who he is, not just as a man, but as a human being. There is no ambivalence in him. That is extremely sexy. I don't know how the women who do the whole nurturing/re-raising an adult do it, without ending up wanting to stab their man-child to death. I could never "nurture" an adult. It's too bizarre for me! I am soooo grateful for my parents.

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