Breeding the Next Generation of Sex Slaves and Profit for Prisons

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You know how they have billboard campaigns about this thing and the next? I want to have some promoting birth control and abortion, I swear. The statistics I’m reading about runaways, abandoned children and throw away children being caught up in the sex trafficking industry are shameful.

Ladies, you and YOU ALONE have the power to change this by popping those birth control or morning after pills, abstinence or heading to the nearest abortion clinic. If you are poor, you are pregnant, you are young and uneducated and irresponsible, or you have nothing to offer a child PLEASE, I BEG YOU DO NOT HAVE A BABY.

Your child will be exposed to predators. Your child will be exposed to sexual abuse. Your child may end up in foster care being abused by perverts, or on the streets trying to survive to get away from perverts. Your children may end up groomed and in the clutches of a pimp, being sold over and over again as sex slaves. And once a child ends up on the streets, its over.

Here are some recent stories from the news that may explain a little better

When U.S. Marshals raided a Dallas house in December they did not find the thug they were after, but they did stumble upon an alleged underage prostitution ring. U.S. Marshals said 27-year-old Clint Eugene Wilson was arrested for using young girls to sell sex.

“His specific charge is a very heinous crime. When you got somebody prostituting minors it’s a big deal,” said Deputy Dustin Williams.

Wilson recruited girls as young as 13 on social networking sites. He befriended them and eventually convinced them to sell their bodies for sex, Williams said. “These kids mostly are runaways or homeless. They have no where to go. They turn to people like this because they take them in make them feel like they are in a family and just use them basically,” he said.

PHOENIX, Arizona – Phoenix police said a man pimped out a 14-year-old girl in the Valley and Las Vegas over the past month. Al O’Neal, 32, was arrested on Tuesday. O’Neal had the 14-year-old living inside his apartment in north Phoenix and supplied her with condoms and a cell phone, according to investigators. O’Neal is a registered sex-offender, who was just released from prison, according to the Department of Corrections website. The 14-year-old was ordered to make at least $200 a night, police said.

KENT, Washington – Police here have arrested a man accused of running a child prostitution ring. Police said Christopher Hutton forced 15 and 16-year-old girls to sell their bodies on Pacific Highway, beating those who resisted. Police said he preyed on teenagers, forcing them into a life of prostitution. Police said Hutton often targeted the vulnerable ones, oftentimes young or homeless teenagers. Hutton beat the girls if they refused to walk the street, according to police. And when they were finished working, he took their money. Hutton is charged with kidnapping, rape, and multiple counts of promoting prostitution. According to court documents, one of the 16-year-old girls who Hutton allegedly forced into prostitution told police that all of her money went to Hutton and she had trouble getting food and basic necessities.

ATLANTA, Georgia – While Atlanta is lauded for its infamous strip clubs and train wreck reality TV shows, it’s also known as the hub for commercial sexual exploitation of children, commonly referred to as child prostitution. During the recent 2013 NCAA Final Four Basketball Championship, while the University of Louisville was securing their national title defeating the University of Michigan, the FBI and its partners, including the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Atlanta Police Department (APD), were ridding the streets of sex offenders. A total of 21 suspects were arrested. According to the data compiled by Georgia Governor’s Task Force on Children and Families, 200-500 underage girls a month, were sexually exploited between August 2007 and August 2011.

Every statistic I’m reading says the average lifespan for these kids on the street or being trafficked is less than five years (most say about three), and that they die either from malnutrition, beatings, AIDS, murder, drug overdose or suicide because they can’t take it anymore.

Those of you who know me KNOW I speak often on female empowerment. Well this is one area where women have a lot of power they aren’t using. There is no reason to birth more children to end up being fodder for pedophiles and pimps. What’s going on worldwide to little girls… children… makes no goddamn sense.

I want a billboard with two frames. The first one on the left would show a crying baby hanging on the hip of a young woman in a half-empty apartment, with no diapers and an empty refrigerator. The second frame would show a 13 year old girl on a street corner, posed for pimping.2623396_370

Maybe a strong visual will bring the message home. Maybe then more women will fucking GET IT. You think you are having a baby and its gonna be all cute and everything. What you are really doing is breeding children to be used as sex slaves by pimps and pedophiles. You are breeding the next generation of free labor for the prison industrial complex. You are breeding the next generation of slaves. You are breeding children to be used for nefarious purposes by perverts. You are breeding children and sentencing them to a life of agonizing pain and mental and emotional suffering.

Nobody is saying don’t have sex. Screw as much as you want to, you’re grown. Just make sure to handle your business so you don’t bring a new life into this world. Unless you are financially, emotionally, mentally and socially sound, and in a relationship with a man who is the same and prepared to be a 100% co-parent, you should not have a child from your little fun. The life you condemn to hell won’t be your own.

That is all.

Deborrah Cooper

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While there are situations where I agree with you 100% I would like to amend your point just a touch, if you please.  I speak from personal experience here so perhaps my opinion is somewhat biased but I feel it is still justified.  My husband and I are arguably poor right now, we accept WIC and medicaid for our 1 year old son only at the moment, do not accept SNAP or other government benefits, and the only reason we could currently be termed as "poor" is because my husband is currently our only income.  Daycare is expensive, and I am attending college full time.  We have a support group of my mother and her friends who are more than happy to watch our son while I am in class, otherwise he is at home with me and the two of us work it out so that he gets the care he needs and I get my homework submitted on time.  Our son is very much loved, and in a few years, God willing, he'll have a very bright future planted firmly in a middle class income bracket.  He is happy and well balanced.  Our only "sin" on your list is that we are currently poor.

Also, I am the product of a date rape.  My mother chose to give me up for adoption, so I am here as a product of adoption, and my adopted parents loved me very much too.  There are many couples out there who want children and can't have them, I understand your point that there are children who do not make it into loving homes when adopted out, but if done through the right channels I can't agree that ALL children who are adopted are going to end up on the streets. I had many adopted friends growing up because my parents were in a support group while they were waiting to adopt, much like expecting mothers join Lamaze classes and stay in touch, so did they.  Maybe my experience is isolated, but I only have my own experience with which to judge in this case.

Deborrah moderator

@Lady_Shadowstar -- And if this article were about YOU, your criticism and referencing back to yourself and yourself only might have merit. This is a big country... an even larger world. The article is not written about any one person. If it doesn't apply to you (which obviously it doesn't since you have A HUSBAND and are not a SINGLE BABY MOMMA), just pass it on by.  The majority of black children are NOT adopted, they languish in foster care until they turn 18. If you are African American and were adopted and loved, you should consider yourself extremely lucky and an exception, rather than the rule.

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