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The Black Church: How Black Churches Keep African American Women Single and Lonely

. 07/20/2014 . 505 Comments

Single Black women sit in church every Sunday being brainwashed and placated into waiting for love. The true reason that there are so many single, never married Black women in the U.S. is the Black church which promotes female submission and subjugation to men, to the detriment of female achievement and happiness.

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Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child – Neither Biblical nor Proper Parenting

. 09/30/2012 . 4 Comments

Around the nation black women ran to the defense of Creflo Dollar, saying he was justified in assaulting his daughter. After all, the bible instructs parents never to “spare the rod and spoil the child!” so there was no crime. In reality that phrase is nowhere in the bible.

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How the Black Church Destroyed My Marriage and My Life

. 08/08/2012 . 17 Comments

One man shares his heartwrenching story of how love was ruined by twisted scripture and unethical men in the black church. A sad tale of how the black church impacted one man’s wife, destroyed his marriage and ruined his life.

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Will Black Churches Finally Do Something About HIV/AIDS in Black Women?

. 07/23/2012 . 10 Comments

HIV and AIDS has been ignored by black churches since the 1980s. When will black church leaders finally get their heads out of their asses and do something about HIV/AIDS and stop pretending people are not having sex?

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Pastor Sexual Abuse in Black Churches Must Not be Defended by Black Women

. 07/17/2012 . 2 Comments

Pastor sexual abuse occurs frequently in black churches, yet black female congregants are quick to forgive and often defend the pastor’s criminal actions while blaming the victim. Both behaviors must stop.

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Why Would Anyone Write a Book Critical of the Black Church?

. 07/13/2012 . 1 Comment

Video reviews of the provocative new book The Black Church – Where Women Pray and Men Prey, provides information and guidance against the predators in church. Deborrah Cooper and Dr. Boyce Watkins discuss church leadership, church scandals and motives for prey.

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Creflo Dollar Black Women Black Church Normalized Abuse and Violence

. 06/10/2012 . 40 Comments

When does a parent meting out just punishment cross the line and become terrorizing, physically abusing and degrading a child? How can anyone believe such treatment of a child in a case such as this is with Creflo Dollar an appropriate form of discipline?

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The Black Church – Where Women Pray and Men Prey

. 06/06/2012 . 0 Comments

In her new book, columnist Deborrah Cooper continues an long needed examination of how religion is misused by unscrupulous preachers, and the games charlatans posing as men of God use to prey on women and children. For those women brave enough to take a look at what is going on at their churches, and who are strong enough to demand protection from predatory men for women and children within the walls of the House of God, this book is right on time.

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Why do Single Black Women Demand That Men Go to Church With Them?

. 06/04/2012 . 5 Comments

Black women and their focus on church attendance causes problems in many relationships. Demanding that a man attend church services when he is not a religious person is a sure-fire way to end up single and lonely in your black church.

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When a Religious Black Man is Looking for a Wife

. 06/02/2012 . 18 Comments

The hypocrisy of the so-called religious black man is evident when they make posts such as the one quoted here. Why does every black man with an opinion about what HE wants in a wife flatly state that his thoughts apply to every single black man in the world. It’s as if they truly believe their opinion is universal and every black woman should listen to them just because they are a man.

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Black Churches – Where Women Pray and Men Prey

. 05/23/2012 . 82 Comments

Columnist Deborrah Cooper’s latest book “The Black Church: Where Women Pray and Men Prey” reveals dozens of manipulative games played by religious leaders, preachers and child molesters within Black churches. Avoid setting yourself or your children up to become a victim. Read this book.

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Book Announcement: The Black Church, Where Women Pray and Men Prey

. 05/10/2012 . 1 Comment

Controversial new book on the black church and the false prophets that lead them. How black women and children are manipulated and preyed upon in black churches for their time, energy, money and bodies.

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