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Controlling Your Emotions – Why Women Must Stop Making Life Choices Based on FEELINGS

| 10/23/2018 | Comments (0)
women who make decisions based on emotion vs logic and reason

Advice columnist Deborrah Cooper points out the many ways women make poor choices about men and life, based on their FEELINGS instead of using logic and reason. She guides the listeners of this Tough Topic Thursday discussion to take a look at emotion-based decision making and how it can be detrimental to success and goal achievement.

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Single Women – Get Up on Game for Smarter Dating

| 09/10/2016 | Comments (0)
controlling relationships abusive relationships single black women single black men

A series of videos which examine the games black men run on single women and girls to get you to stay with them hoping for more, giving to them in a vacuum, focusing on them in a one-sided relationship, and worrying about keeping THEM happy while they do little to nothing in return for you. You deserve to have a loving union which is fulfilling and supportive…not some one-sided pimp player crap masquerading as “a relationship” that leaves you feeling empty and depleted.

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Never Date a Dead Animal – Sunday 10/20/13

| 10/16/2013 | Comments (0)
nancy nichols how to date a dead animal on BlogTalkRadio

Learn the obscure, early warning signs of controlling, lying, narcissistic, verbally (and physically) abusive men. More importantly, understand the underlying mindset which causes women to ignore and minimize a man’s hurtful behavior, continue to date and even commit to him.

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Pedophiles – Waging a Global War on Very Young Girls

| 08/10/2013 | Comments (3)
Pedophiles - Waging a Global War on Very Young Girls

It seems most men have no willingness to control their perverted sexual urges for the flesh of very young girls, as young as 8 weeks old. Globally, girls are being denied the right to have a childhood because of perverted male pedophiles. Why is pedophilia on the rise? Why are there so many pedophiles in our societies? What can be done to protect the bodies, minds and spirits of young girls from predators?

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7-21-13 Black Men vs White Men Which Is Better for the Modern Black Woman?

| 07/16/2013 | Comments (16)
7-21-13 Black Men vs White Men Which Is Better for the Modern Black Woman?

Black men are falling further behind socially, economically and educationally, and they tend to insist on a double sexual standard, female submission, and male dominance as a matter of course. In spite of these glaring losses in stock value, most black men still see themselves as a prize. “Everyone wants us, but nobody wants you!” is the taunt often levied at black females.

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Rhetoric Fatigue Syndrome (RFS) Symptoms and Pathology in Black Women

| 06/13/2013 | Comments (2)
Rhetoric Fatigue Syndrome (RFS) Symptoms and Pathology in Black Women

Rhetoric Fatigue Syndrome or RFS is a recently recognized affliction suffered by millions of black women, most of whom are unaware of the disease or its symptoms such as SICKOFYOURSHITitis and NIGGAPLEASEitis.

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Are You Dating a Sociopath, Psychopath or Narcissist? on 5/26/13

| 05/22/2013 | Comments (0)
sociopaths liars narcissistic personality disorder

Black women must become aware of the behaviors of the sociopath, narcissist and psychopath to avoid them at all cost. Join us for an eye opening, very disturbing discussion on modern dating, the men who comprise the dating pool in the black community, and what you can do as a parent to make sure you are not raising a sociopath or narcissist.

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Why Men and Women Struggle With the Word “NO!”

| 05/10/2013 | Comments (1)
Why Men and Women Struggle With the Word "NO!"

Saying the word “no!” is very challenging for most women, especially when it comes to saying “no!” to men. In this discussion we’ll look at the many ways that women actually do say “no!” and why men are so resistant to hearing women say that word.

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Women and Motherhood – Blessing or Curse?

| 05/03/2013 | Comments (0)
Women and Motherhood - Blessing or Curse?

The whole thing about folks feeling like they have the power to decide what age a woman should stop having children, the power to control women’s options for birth control, and the power to dictate what women should and should not do with their own body is crazy. Who gets to decide if motherhood is the appropriate thing for a woman?

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How to Choose a Husband with Suzanne Venker May 8, 2013

| 05/02/2013 | Comments (0)
How to Choose a Husband with Suzanne Venker May 8, 2013

What can a single gal do to improve her chances for landing the husband of her dreams? Suzanna Venker, author of How to Choose a Husband, will be interviewed on Wed. May 8, 2013, discussing how women can change themselves and improve their romantic relationships with men.

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How to Keep a Man Interested in You

| 04/27/2013 | Comments (0)
how to keep a man interested in you

What if anything can a woman do to keep a man interested in dating or marrying her if his attention has wandered, he’s cheating, or he has begun falling off? Does it make sense for a woman to go through changes to keep a man interested or should she move on?

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Video Webchat: Are Black Males Raised by Single Moms Poor Choices for Mates?

| 12/18/2012 | Comments (0)
adult black males raised by fathers in the home better choices for mates

As a single woman, you have no real way to know if a guy you’ve met had a sensible mother or a fool. Should men that were raised in single-parent homes with just their Mom be passed over as potential boyfriends, husbands and fathers?

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