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Exposing Black Male Privilege

. 12/16/2010 . 19 Comments

I’ve repeatedly heard Black men express the belief that they are victims of a matriarchial society, that they are denied rights and privileges and the opportunity to “be a man” by “strong Black women.” I’ve heard grown men whine that women need to be responsible for men’s attire (sagging pants), teen pregnancy amonst 11, 12, 13 year old girls (who are actually victimis of child molesters, not willing adults making a choice for sex), and assign to women the responsibility for changing the Black community. With women being blamed for all that, what the hell is it that Black men are going to get off their asses and do?

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Deborrah “Aesop” Cooper Tells the Tale of The Fox and the Grapes

. 11/18/2010 . 1 Comment

An Aesop’s fable tells the story of a thirsty Fox and how he dealt with the frustration of not getting what he wanted. Excuse me while I add my own hood flava to it.

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Black Men – How to Love a Black Woman

. 10/28/2010 . 16 Comments

A sad young man reflects on the errors he made in his former relationship and shares his newfound understanding to help other men avoid making the same mistakes.

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Men That Don’t Take Responsibility For a Pregnancy Are Punks!

. 09/08/2010 . 44 Comments

I’m tired of hearing Black men whine that they aren’t ready to be a father and that he shouldn’t have to pay child support for a kid he didn’t want. Look here fool… if you are having sex bare with a woman you know is fertile, you are ready to be a father whether you affirm it vocally or not. Actions speak louder than words. You are doing everything it takes to become a father, right? So what are you talking about you ain’t ready?

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How Nice Guys Can Develop The Player Edge That Women Love

. 08/31/2010 . 57 Comments

Despite what the media says, women don’t necessarily look for men with nice, sensitive personalities. Women look for romantic intoxication. In plain language women go for men who can turn them on!

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Why “Nice” Guys Suck and Women Don’t Want You!

. 08/26/2010 . 113 Comments

Being a “nice guy” does not win you any brownie points in the dating game! Never has, never will. You win at dating when you give the opposite sex what they want.

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Why Black Women Put Professional Black Men on ‘NIGNORE’

. 08/11/2010 . 78 Comments

Men write me frequently to get my take on why Black women complain that they “can’t find a good Black man” or “can’t find a Black man on my level” when they are surrounded by educated, professional Black men. It made me wonder too. Why a guy, with all the outward appearances of a highly desirable catch (college educated, established, an “on point” Black man) would be passed over by women for romance and marriage. Well, I have some answers.

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Why Women Ignore Men

. 03/09/2010 . 131 Comments

Males wondering why women don’t give them “the eye” or respond with interest to their presence might want to review their social skills and interactions with females. If you regularly start conversations with “Why aren’t you married?” or “So where is your husband tonight?” or “When’s the last time you had sex?” you probably won’t receive much positive attention from women. Dork.

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Father’s Rights and Violence Against Women

. 12/05/2009 . 72 Comments

The father’s rights movement focuses on trying to re-establish fathers’ authority and control over their children’s and ex-partners’ lives, on gaining an equality concerned with fathers’ ‘rights’ and status rather than the actual care of children, and on winding back legal and cultural changes which have lessened gender inequalities. Fathers’ rights groups are well-organized advocates for changes in family law, and vocal opponents of feminist perspectives and achievements on interpersonal violence.

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It’s Just a Woman’s Power

. 09/01/2009 . 1 Comment

A mature man comments on the female powers of observation and shares a little advice with the fellas… “Men we now have to start coming clean using truth and honesty if we hope to keep our women. This knowledge has me a little paranoid when I meet a woman… now is she looking at me from the inside out? That can’t be a pretty sight because I got issues. Not being as handsome as most and now I know I’m certainly not as smart, I have to be more honest and forthright to attract the opposite sex.”

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The God Virus – How Religion Messes Up the Minds of Men

. 08/01/2009 . 2 Comments

Black men feel they deserve to be in charge and run their woman and household without question. Is this truly the relationship that modern Black men expect and feel they deserve… straight out of 1800? Why should accomplished Black women place themselves under the foot of a male that believes he is superior to women? Controversial examination of religion, God, Christianity, and the ego of the Black male.

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For Men: The Difference Between Interest and Desperation

. 07/11/2009 . 0 Comments

He Says/She Says tackles the issue of rejection and dating for men. The authos explain the difference between showing interest in a woman and presenting oneself as desperate. Developing the ability to confidently show interest and approach a woman means guys must change their perspective and not be so attached to the outcome.

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