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Men Don’t Understand When They Are IN A RELATIONSHIP

. 06/30/2009 . 0 Comments

Explanation of what women mean when they say “we’re in a relationship” because guys just don’t seem to get it. When a woman is looking for a specific, desired outcome from their interaction with a person of the opposite sex, she labels their regular interaction as “a relationship.” A relationship is much more important in her life than a mere date. A relationship usually includes sex for women. Guys don’t get that if they have sex with a woman more than a couple of times, she is going to consider that “a relationship” whether you want it to be one or not! In other words, you are her boyfriend, with all the obligations and responsiblities that title entails.

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Bitch Made “Good Men” In the Dating Pool

. 06/25/2009 . 3 Comments

I’m tired of men that feel they are “Good men” touting their goodness like it’s a badge of honor, a trophy, something that entitles them to more or better or what they want. In the mating game your “goodness” means absolutely nothing. You telling women over and over why we should pick you instead of the exciting, sexy, fun guy makes you sound like a whining punk. Here are my reasons why I and a great many women totally ignore “good guys” when choosing a man.

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Why Did The Almighty Waste Ears on Men When They Never Listen Anyway?

. 06/24/2009 . 0 Comments

Men wonder why women file for 75% of the divorces in this country. It seems that men just don’t understand how important communication and listening skills are to the quality and duration of their relationships with women. Whether in a personal or professional setting, men need to learn how to HEAR women, not just the words we say but the message we are communicating about how we FEEL.

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Are Black Men Judgmental Haters of Black Women?

. 06/04/2009 . 1 Comment

My Dad raised me to never worry about pleasing other people or to care what they thought about anything with regards to me. Too many women did not get that message, and bend themselves into pretzels with each new man they meet, trying in vain to be “good enough” for him. Women need to be whatever they want to be as long as they are happy and satisfied, and stop trying to be the fantasy woman of men’s dreams. It never works anyway.

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