Day 5 – 40 Days of Rain on DBR Black Men: You Are Not a King

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Why is it that cretins always trying to perpetrate like they are someone by putting the word “King” in front of their name? Then they show the inside of their ass, their low class ghetto mentality, and their lack of intelligence by calling women they don’t know names like “bitch” and “ho”. Are those the stupid black male’s favorite words?

Must be because as soon as you don’t agree with something they say or their little feeble brains “think”, those are the very first things they want to fling out in an attempt to silence a black woman.not really a bitch

However, there are those of us that will refuse to be silent because truth must be spoken. No matter how uncomfortable, no matter how shocking, no matter how it may be viewed in some corners as anti-black male and “man bashing” I don’t care. As long as there are black men hurting black women and children I will NEVER be silenced. NEVER.

Every time you call me or any other black woman a name, it merely lends credence to our claims that most black men are abusive fools. Every time you call me a name because you disagree with my strong position, it merely shows how weak and childish you are. Every time you call me a bitch and think it hurts, it just makes me even more focused and more determined to dig in your ass until you cry and beg for mercy. This happened and served as the impetus for creating this 40 essay series. Instead of getting on black men every once in awhile, now I am going to up the ante and do it FORTH DAYS IN A ROW! And believe me I have plenty of material because the knuckleheads among you are a never ending stream of pitiful failures, lackings and laughable attempts to position themselves as superior to women.

You are NOT kings. You have no kingdom. You do not command an army of warriors. You do not have riches. You are not royalty. You have no leadership or decision-making skills. You rule over nothing. You have no power. So stop deluding yourself with titles that you haven’t earned in any way, shape or form. It makes you look crazy.

Consider this – would you want YOUR baby girl dating or married to one of the idiots we are talking about here?

Warning to the Brothas that are about something – do not read what you see here and take it personally. Don’t waste your time getting defensive and angry at me for speaking out on the crappy trifling black men that run amuck in the black community. Because YOU have not done these things, so don’t get huffy and start talking about “you bash BLACK MEN.” Do not attempt to trivialize or downplay the negative behaviors I will be discussing over the next few weeks. Stay grounded and focused on what women are trying to tell you through me. If those of you approach this series as a teaching tool, you will learn a lot about women and children, and you’ll become a better man for your efforts.

Really, if you take the time to notice, the fools I am talking about are undeserving of the title “men” and you should be bashing them yourself! Especially if you have sisters or little daughters that might run into these clowns someday. They are fools, not men. They destroy rather than create. They crush rather than uplift. They kill spirits and people rather than bring forth joy and happiness. They are, in many instances, barely human.

Learn to separate yourself from what you see written about “black males” because if its not describing your behavior, then it’s not talking about you, so shut up.

  • Do you “black man” go around calling women bitches and hos and other derogatory words seeking to hurt women with verbal and emotional abuse? Then I am not talking about you.
  • Do you “black man” go around shooting up the neighborhood? Then I am not talking about you.
  • Do you “black man” run around doing all you can to dodge responsibilities you have to your children, your woman and to yourself? Then I am not talking about you.
  • Do you “black man” seek to lie to and use women as playthings to your own means like a sociopath? Then I am not talking about you.
  • Do you “Black man” go around molesting children and raping girls? Then I am not talking about you.
  • Do you “black man” drop out of school and sling drugs through your community? Then I am not talking about you.

So don’t waste your time bitching at me about what I am about to unleash on black males that DO act a fool in this way.

It’s on!

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