Garbage Men and Scavenger Bitches

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I’ve always considered men that worked in the trash collecting business as professional sanitation workers to be men made of something I could never hope to be. I get grossed out when I get raw egg on my hands! Though they are very well paid, these guys work extremely hard for their money and endure cold, rain, snow and working hours that would humble most of us. Sanitation workers have to endure horrific smells and sometimes the emotional and mental shock of finding dead bodies in trash.

I couldn’t do it, and have to admit that these men have my utmost respect.

However, those are not the garbage men I’m writing about. The clowns I’m about to analyze gets no respect from me! The garbage men we’ll focus on in this article are those that are such social misfits, such losers, such scum-sucking dregs of society, that any woman with good sense would avoid them like the plague.

Yet, there are Black women that will roam nightclubs, bars, gas stations, schools and even the streets apparently in search of one of these knuckleheads. Some of you have been known to go to blows with other women over getting or keeping one of these losers in your lives and beds. What in the world were you thinking?

Anyway, let’s talk about these rejects one by one:

Mr. Hey Girl What Your Name Is?

A surprising number of women will allow themselves to be picked up on the street like trash by trash. Though females have argued with me about the fact that they’ve had “great relationships” with men they met on the street, I know the real deal is that they had great “booty calls” with men they met on the street, and that was the extent of it. When the crème filling was gone, they were thrown back on the street like the trash they presented themselves to be.

Ladies, understand this one important fact: men of class and breeding do not go around picking up stray booty on the street! Garbage men, however, think nothing of it and actually believe themselves entitled to a positive response from women in the form of a smile or a friendly return to their asinine greeting.

If they don’t get a friendly response back from their “holler”, they turn (like that girl in The Exorcist movie) into a green bile spitting demon. You’ll become every kind of bitch and a ho’ that “thinks you are too good to talk to nigga” within seconds.

Regardless, only a woman of the lowest caliber would entertain the words of a fool hollering at her on the street like she is a four legged beast.

Should you respond to his cat calls, It should be no surprise to you when he refers to you some time down the road as a low class bitch. He knows only a woman with no class and even less self-esteem would have responded to him, let alone align herself in a relationship and be bothered with his ass.

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Comments (15)

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  1. DariaFakankun says:

    @Deborrah ……THANK YOU…I got the chance to listen 2 the Steve Harvey expose…excellent, excellent…nothing like the FULL TRUTH…again THANK YOU..

  2. heyweezie says:

    Love this conversation.
    The guy who doesn’t get it (the one she’s telling to be a man), is only concerned about the woman potentially taking his money. He keeps arguing with her, but she’s telling him the truth. Men need to get their own shit. Women don’t owe them a damn thing.

  3. Babydoll says:

    Sad position to be in whether someone is considered a “garbage man” or “scavenger bitch” There are men & women like this in all ethnic groups, not just the black community. It boils down to unconsciousness, low self-esteem, and self-confidence on both sides of this fence-male & female (regardless of ethnicity).

  4. Natalie says:

    Very well written life saving advice Ms. Deborah Copper

  5. Dee says:

    Excellent article and sadly its very true.

  6. Pat says:

    I have always wondered how and where dudes like this got so ignorant. Did they just come out of a cardboard box? How did they live so long, yet remain so ignorant? I was born smarter than this. This totally baffles me.

  7. Rom says:

    Great article! The funny thing is that one group of Garbage Men (The Fear Mongers) constantly attack the other groups of Garbage Men when they are all in the same boat. The other funny thing is that most of these Garbage Men will call themselves “Good Black Men.”

  8. sab:) says:

    That is the truth. Way to many freeking women find it flatering when some fool calls them “the hottest bitch in this joint”! LAME!!!

  9. Nigerian Sista says:

    Even though I have not been in a personal relationship with guys like this I have witnessed pretty much all of these examples with my own eyes. It’s sad that women will risk their personal integrity and safet just for a man regardless of serious mental problems the guy may posess. It is that hard to be single, especially if the guy isn’t helping you, but actually hurting you and maybe your children? Some people just need to wake up! Another precise article done by Ms. Cooper, as always , well done!

  10. Imsatindoll says:

    I agree concerning women who choose men without using logic all for the sake of having one. I believe women will save themselves alot of heartache if they choose wisdom over their feelings. In terms of brothas on the internet venting about black women. I feel like its important to hear the brothas side cause sisters have been venting about black men also for years. HOWEVER I agree that all the unecessary insults are uncalled for. There is a way to communicate your opinion without being ugly to one another.

    • Deborrah says:

      I don’t think its the least bit important to hear grown men whine about women and what women don’t do to meet their expectations. They want us to consider them to be leaders and Kings, then they need to act like leaders and Kings, and stop acting like whiney ass big diaper wearing babies. We hear their side all the time – for generations all we ever heard was their side, as women were forbidden and shamed into silence, into accepting mistreatment and abuse at the hands of men just to be married and have a roof over their heads.

      Those days are over. Women are now venting as much as they please and its about time women have the right to do so. I don’t care to hear men complain anymore. They’ve had 2000 years to bitch and moan and control women. I want men to shut the fuck up and sit back and learn something. Stop thinking the world revolves around men, what men want, what men think, what men say. Men need to be focused on what WOMEN want what WOMEN think and what WOMEN say for a change. Then maybe the world will become a better place that is suitable for growth and development of both males and females… not just males.

  11. Raz says:

    Wow! Entertaining hard hitting and sadly too true in the black community with black women. Black women settle for anything that comes by. They are so starved for love and affection and don’t recognize unhealthy men when they see them. This points to the fragmented black families where we see a lot of black women witness their mothers with trifling men so they think it’s normal. Interestingly enough nonwhite women don’t think this way. They marry to bring themselves up, but black women seem to think they should ‘help a man’ come up. It’s so twisted. Black women shouldn’t be so desperate to settle for a piece of a man. Because that’s all they’ll ever get. A piece never becomes a whole.

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