The God Virus – How Religion Messes Up the Minds of Men

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Since the majority of Americans are affiliated with some branch of Christian religious doctrine, we must look at Christianity as the root cause of many of the problems in the Black community. Religion is touted as the saving grace of mankind, but that is the entire problem with it – what about WOMANkind?

From where I sit, too many men express totally unrealistic expectations of women due to their belief in Christian religious ethics.  Their minds are all messed up! How can they with good conscience hold in high esteem any system which denies women equal rights and respect, and demands that women subjugate themselves to their detriment?

Though this show will focus on African American relationships, the door is open to examine religious doctrine as it affects women of all ethnicities throughout the United States.  And we’ll ask some pointed questions such as:  What would a smart, accomplished, independent woman subjugate herself for? How is religion and support of patriarchy going to help women in 2009 and beyond?

This will be the #1 issue on the table for this broadcast, along with many other important aspects of religion, its use to control the minds and hearts of the masses, and how one can escape its chokehold.

With Black churches especially filled primarily with women, is the Pastor in a position to teach equality and understanding and responsibility to men, or are they instead using their power and platform to brainwash women into accepting misogynistic treatment by men as the norm?

Is this really the kind of relationship that American men expect and feel they deserve? Could these expectations be the real reason women are not marrying… they recognize the game and are waking up and refusing to place themselves under the foot of a male that believes he is superior to women?

Really guys, ask yourself: Why would a man think its okay to use the Bible as justification to control and abuse women worldwide?

My special guest tonight is Dr. Darrel Ray, author of “The God Virus.”

As Dr. Ray has written, “Religion seems to inject itself into schools, courts, legislatures, presidential politics, and local school boards, detracting from rational conversation about real-world problems, such as science, education, economics, economic development, disaster relief, and war.”

By writing “The God Virus” Dr. Ray has attempted to inoculate readers against a viral infection that results in terminal ignorance and fear.

Listen to the live broadcast and participate by phone by calling 347-327-9215!

Date:  Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Time:  6:00 p.m. (PST)/9:00 p.m. (EST)

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Comments (2)

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  1. KK_CC says:

    This is the one area that I cannot agree with Ms Heartbeat on.  I wholeheartedly resonate with about 90% of what she says otherwise, but since I know what the bible says about women across the entire narrative, both Old and New Testaments, and have listened to ACTUAL theologians who have seriously studied and are experts in the original languages of the texts, I know that the Bible does not make women 2nd class citizens as a matter of divine decree.  There is a history of men abusing and misusing women via biblical pretext and manipulation, but this has been done BY MEN not by the belief system itself or Jesus or God.  Those men are wicked and the scriptures tell us how to discern the differences between professed believers and true.
    The amount of biblical illiteracy among regular churchgoers (which I am not currently, the only sound church I know of right now is in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles and I am in San Jose) is staggering.  Men who use scripture to subjugate and abuse their wives, to emotionally belittle them, to manipulate them into doing whatever nasty freaky sexual experimentation or activities his perverted mind can conjure ARE NOT GODLY AND ARE IDIOTS.
    Ms Heartbeat, if you happen to see this, one excellent and more accurate presentation and explanation of the submission passages in scripture and roles for men and women in marriage (the bible does not teach that ALL WOMEN are to submit to ALL MEN) was done by this Pastor named Mark Driscoll and the presentation in called Women and Marriage coming from the book of 1 Peter chapter 3; the companion presentation is called Men and Marriage and it is one of his most popular sermons because he literally raises his voice to rebuke men who have been abusive with scripture to the hurt of their wives–“HOW DARE YOU!!!  WHO IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?”, he says.  He pastors a lot of white 20-somethings and early 30-somethings in Seattle who are very educated and professionals.
    One thing though: Mark Driscoll is not a Pastor I, myself would sit under as a member because he is basically one of many of this new generation of ministers that are nothing more than entrepreneurs with communications degrees who don’t really want to be accountable to anyone older and wiser in the game who can pull their chain if they get out of line.  Mark Driscoll has made some public mistakes in the past due to his immaturity and pursuing an office he may have been called to but was not yet mature enough to stand in as a proper role model and leader.  I don’t know what he’s been up to as of like two years ago; last I saw, it looks like he is repentant and starting to grow up since he has now turned 40 and has 5 children to raise.
    The submission teaching is only controversial for women who: 1. do not understand it (and why should they if they are not a follower of this particular faith and God and the scriptures that go with it); 2. are filtering their understanding and hearing of the word submission and the subject through the ACTUAL abuses of men who had some kind of righteous profession but obviously were charlatans or really in need of biblical correction; 3. think that submission to the ranking officer in the marriage makes women dumb or either their dumbness is an antecedent for their voluntary submission.  It is very important to note that there are foundational teachings and revelations about the nature of God that must precede any discussion about this one subject is complete comprehension is the goal, women who are not believers or biblical Christians need not concern themselves with the submission teaching in the bible because it is not talking to them; if they don’t want to submit to any husband–then don’t.  
    I was in the military for nearly 7 years and so I understand the concept of submission more readily and have less of a reaction to it because I know the intent of the instruction (the original language is using submission as a military rank term by the way).  If women don’t have a problem complying with instructions or direction or guidance or guidelines or orders given by a boss at work or a police officer or some other ranking person, why would they have a problem doing it with the man they screened, that they took their time to assess the character of, and that has demonstrated his sacrificial love.  I have no intention of submitting or deferring to a man who does not have sound character, chronically makes dumb decisions, and has no control over his passions.  When we were daughters, we submitted to our fathers who in turn protected, guided, and provided for us; the husband is relieving the father of his watch when he takes a wife–it’s responsibility, not dominance.  Ephesians tells the man to lay down his life for his wife and love her as his own body, please factor that in when you look at the submission passages.
    Sorry to be so long.

  2. JohnPM says:

    Mankind means the human species obviously not just men. The Bible doesn’t deny woman’s rights, it is misused by corrupt or ignorant people to deny woman’s rights. Also this is pretty messed up “it’s use to control the hearts and minds of the masses.” do you really think all religion is just meant to brainwash people? Try reading the bible or citing some sources. And I don’t mean citing verses taken completely out of context. 

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