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I’m a girl who likes girls and gives dating advice to guys. One of my favorite things to teach men is how to properly vet a woman on the first date to make sure she’s girlfriend material or at the very least, not completely insane.

There are tons of signals you throw out there that guys can use to evaluate you for date-a-bility. You may be unaware of them until it’s been three days since you went to dinner and a movie together and he still hasn’t called. Sure, he might not be into you for one reason or another, but if this is consistently your story and your love life is going nowhere it might be time to check the vibe you’re putting out.

Ladies, there are signs I help men to look for or that men are often naturally aware of that throw up all sorts of red flags and warning sirens and guardian angels sitting on their shoulders screaming “GET OUT OF THERE BEFORE SHE BOILS YOUR BUNNY OR KEYS YOUR CAR!” Are you putting out Girl-Who-Is-Unhinged signals that drive really awesome potential boyfriends away from rather than towards you? Let’s run down this list of signs guys consistently use to gauge whether or not a girl is potentially hazardous to his health.

  • You talk a lot of smack about your ex. This suggests that you’re clinging to anger and bitterness towards your former beau. It also suggests that if things don’t go well between you and this new suitor, you’ll take the first opportunity to rattle off about what a jerk he is to everyone and their brother. If you’re mad enough at an ex-boyfriend to mouth off about it to the first guy who invites you to dinner, you need to either check your baggage at the door next time you’re on a date or figure out why you’re having so much trouble letting go of the past.

  • You are always the victim. Think about it: Do you take responsibility for your actions, or is every bad thing that comes your way someone else’s fault. A smart guy knows that a girl who blames the world (or at least everyone other than herself) for what’s not right about her life will eventually settle the culpability on him too. Taking responsibility for both your successes and your shortcomings shows maturity while being a victim of circumstance all of the time makes you seem juvenile.
  • You’re catty. If you’re into a guy, don’t belittle other women in front of him. Act your age mama, not your shoe size. Guys are turned off by women who are in a constant competition with other women. It’s an unattractive trait, and just like always playing the victim makes you seem like you’re 12 years old instead of 24, cattiness and – let’s call it what it is here – jealousy directed at other women points towards a similar lack of maturity. Any guy worth his salt will tell you that women, not girls, rule his world and if you’re counting that’s two Prince references in one paragraph. You’re welcome, gals.
  • You complain about your body. Few things are as alluring to a man as confidence in a woman, but even fewer things turn him off faster than a girl who makes negative remarks about her thighs/hips/nose/boobs/whatever. Often women will comment on a part of their body that they aren’t pleased with in order to fish for a little positive feedback from a man. He might reassure you and say there’s nothing wrong with you, but inside he’s thinking “What is this chick’s problem?” It’s also asinine to call attention to a part of your anatomy that you don’t find appealing in the first place. Don’t force a guy to wade through your body image hang-ups by looking to him for validation. Learn to love every inch of you and he will too.

In the same way that I want men to be able to separate the women who have their heads on straight from the ones who don’t, I want to give the women who have it together the tools they need to show it. Avoid the bad habits and unattractive behaviors I’ve listed and you’ll send the right message: That you’re an awesome, confident woman with a lot to offer in a relationship.


Author Bio:

Plucky Charms is a humorist, advice blogger, and the resident lesbian at where she puts her smart mouth to good use. Her primary aspirations in life are to help men relate more effectively to women and to make everyone laugh until their sides hurt.

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