Marriage and Men Stop Complaining About What Women Don’t Do and MAN UP!

| 05/06/2012 | Comments (3)

Motivational speaker E.T. discusses his successful 20+ year marriage and what he as a man does to make sure that every day his marriage is better than the day before. An excellent lesson for men that think creating a strong, sexy marriage is the sole responsibility of the female.

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Comments (3)

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  1. zipporah says:

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO—–so many women are NOT SAHMS (stay at home moms) and they NEED HELP WITH EVERYTHING—–especially the KIDS GETTIN THEM UP IN THE MORNING AT 6AM? are you KIDDING ME?–many women have kids under 5,,and they NEED DAD TO BE THERE!! some families are able to do it on one paycheck….but you cant get   anything else …

  2. OneWord says:

    The video hits so many nails on the head I was smiling throughout viewing it.
    Indeed, the issue with the men I’ve witnessed (not necessarily in the relationship context) is they are very egocentric when it comes to problems and confronting them.  They tend to expect changes or solutions from their surrounding environment so as to avoid any requirement and agency from their part to initiate such resolution.  They avoid responsibility and especially if that particular problem is caused by them, they are very quick to inculpate the other person (ie. ‘you made me do it’) or – for those ones who hide under the thin veil of ‘objectivity’ – cite it as a ‘joint’ challenge in order to alleviate themselves.
    However, the thing I find rather ironic about that type of men is the latent contradiction.  Dogma and social history has taught us that men are meant to be the strong, responsible, aware, astute and knowledgeable strand of the human race, while women are weaker, naive and essentially directionless beings requiring male governance (ie. in relationships) to steer them on the supposedly right path.  With the type of men I described in my previous paragraph, where is that responsibility?  Where is that awareness?  And from having those two lacking, where is the strength – one of the paramount qualities of the man?  For me, a real person generally is one that not only notices, cares for and empathises with the surrounding world but also notices, cares for and empathises with the self.  So, to lack that personal introspection speaks volume about one’s strength, as well as being potentially risible in a context like this.  Perhaps it’s all part and parcel of the naturally accepted male ego.

  3. Razzy says:

    This needs to be put on blast to every married man out there!

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