My Girlfriend is Ruining Our Sex Life

| 02/05/2012 | Comments (2)

Dear Ms. HeartBeat:
How can I get my girlfriend to finish the job when she gives me a bj? Is finishing on her degrading?  My gf says she likes giving me a blowjob, however whenever I’m about to finish she just quits and leaves me hanging. She says swallowing makes her gag, and she says finishing on her makes her feel slutty. What do I do to get her to finish the job?


Dear Frustrated:
I’m going to explain this situation to you and break it down into manageable chunks, but you need to listen to your girl.  She alone is the ultimate authority on her sensibilities, preferences and boundaries. So essentially, you writing to me is a denial of her right to determine what she is comfortable with because you don’t like her choice. More on that in a minute.

What you don’t seem to understand is that spraying your spunk all over a woman because you’ve seen it in adult films is stupid. Men kill me with this imitating what they see in movies or on the web, like those PAID ACTRESSES are real life women.  No regular woman  enjoys that stuff! Think about it… would YOU enjoy some guy dumping on you like that?  There are some women that will do it, but those are the ones that are overly concerned about pleasing their men because they are afraid of “losing him”; they give in when their men repeatedly beg them to do it.  It’s sad really because there is not one woman on this planet that gets pleasure from that mess!

As for you thinking that women do like that as a component of their sex life, there are only two situations where a woman would seek out that kind of treatment

#1 She has  low self esteem and feels like garbage anyway; or

#2 She is a professional getting straight and seriously paid.

Those are the only two reasons a woman would want some man ejaculating all over her face or body like he is using the toilet. That is what your girl is expressing – it hurts her psyche because she perceives that you are re-enacting slut film scenes, not making tender or passionate love to a woman you care about.

Now let’s get back to you.

How clean is your body, dude? If your stuff makes her gag it is probably because you have too many toxins in your body which are being excreted in your semen. Men that smoke cigarettes cigars or other things, use prescription or over the counter medications, do street drugs, eat a lot of meat and processed foods, or drink booze and rarely eat fresh fruits and vegetables have some of the nastiest smelling and tasting semen in the world. When you have toxins in your body, your semen will make people gag just to smell it!

So before you get so high and mighty about what she won’t do, take a look at yourself and your dietary and lifestyle habits. And remember, not everyone likes every sex act. And even if a woman does, it doesn’t mean she is going to like it as a component of her sex life as much or as frequently as you do.  If your woman isn’t into oral, either deal with it or get a different girlfriend. But start with cleaning up your body by changing your lifestyle, and what you eat and drink and see how that works for her.

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  1. TayaLaurience says:

    Amen to that MaryAliceMiller

  2. MaryAliceMiller says:

    He’s just her boyfriend, not her husband. He’s lucky she has sex with him, at all. Be grateful for what you get, dude. Or, stick it in a vacuum cleaner.

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