Natural Hair and Dating – Does Wearing Natural Hair Impact Dating Options?

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When a black woman wears her natural hair – be it a fro, puff, twists, locs, braids or a curly style – how do you feel about her? Do you find natural hairstyles to be empowering, freeing and a strong statement of afrocentric awareness, or do you find them to be distasteful and tacky looking?

This is a great topic to discuss, because what a woman looks like is the first thing that others see. And as more and more black women drop weaves, relaxers and flat irons in favor of natural hairstyles, women may find that changing their hairstyle can have a great effect on their dating options. Men tend to feel very strongly one way or another, and most have no problem voicing their opinion about what a woman “should” look like.

Does natural hair attract a different type of guy than one that prefers a black woman to have her hair long and flowing in a weaved  or relaxed style?

Should women select their hairstyle based upon the type of guy that they seek to attract? Should the opinion of men in general be considered when selecting how a woman wants to wear her hair?

Your comments and personal stories with regards to the following are welcome!

  • Women that made the change from relaxed and/or weaved hair to natural hair;
  • Who think natural hair on black women looks bad or unprofessional;
  • Believe that natural hair is beautiful and a sign of confidence and intelligence in women;
  • That would never date a woman with a weave in her hair; or
  • That would never date a woman with natural hair.

Black women and the dilemma of  “what the hell do I do with my hair?” discussed on Wednesday, June 20, 2012 on the Date Smarter Not Harder Relationships Talk Show!

The call-in number is 347-327-9215. Please join us beginning at 6:00 p.m. PACIFIC/9:00 p.m. EASTERN.

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