Pedophiles – Waging a Global War on Very Young Girls

| 08/10/2013 | Comments (3)

On Sunday 8/11/2013, we continue the discussion of the war on women and girls being waged by males worldwide.girls of 9

In this broadcast we’ll address the global trafficking of very young girls by adult men, child “brides” and forced “marriages”, child molesters, child abductions by pedophiles, and pedophile rings of men that look like normal people.

We’ll also look at the implications that male legislators, judges and police charged with “protecting and serving” are instead protecting the attackers and blaming the victims.  Are these legislators pedophiles as well? After all, many of them have been caught sending inappropriately sexual snapshots and texts to minor boys and girls.

Can it be that the majority of the males in the world are misogynistic sociopaths like Valerie Solanas said in The Scum Manifesto?

Despising his highly inadequate self, overcome with intense anxiety and a deep, profound loneliness when by his empty self, desperate to attach himself to any female in dim hopes of completing himself, in the mystical belief that by touching gold he’ll turn to gold, the male craves the continuous companionship of women. The company of the lowest female is preferable to his own or that of other men, who serve only to remind him of his repulsiveness. But females, unless very young or very sick, must be coerced or bribed into male company.

We get started at 6:30 PM PST/9:30 pm EST with a LOT to talk about. Worldwide, girls and women are under attack. It’s like men have no willingness to control their perverted sexual urges for the flesh of very young girls, as young as 8 weeks old. Globally, girls are being denied the right to have a childhood because of old perverted ass men.

Why is pedophilia on the rise? Why are there so many disgusting men in our midst? What can be done to protect the bodies, minds and spirits of young girls from predators?

We’ll talk about all this and more on Sunday, August 11, 2013. Please join me. The format is live call-in. The number to share your thoughts live on the air is 347-327-9215.

Listen to the broadcast right here

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Comments (3)

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  1. itsmeak says:

    To this day Roman Polanski cannot come back and continue his career in the US back in Hollywood as he wants to because Polanski decided to statutorily rape a 13 year old girl and supposedly there are rumors about him that the 13 year old girl he was caught being with from back in 1971 was supposedly not the only young girl either. If Polanski really cared about his Hollywood based career then he would have only spent his time around WOMEN who were at least 18 or 19.
    It is ratchet, backsliding and disgusting that some creatures in Hollywood think that Polanski should be allowed to come back into the US but good for the US government for making sure that he stays out because I don’t blame them. If you value girls and women then prison or permanent extradition should be the solution, “celebrity” and “Hollywood” be damned.

  2. itsmeak says:

    This a war that black women and black men who are at least halfway decent and who give a damn should have waged against R. Kelly, The Demon Rapist of Chicago.
    From the time that no-talent creature (his voice is NOT legendary and anyway so what if it was?) started singing in the early 90s and getting awfully damn close to a teenage Aaliyah black people who really cared about other black people should have razed his career to the ground and had him thrown into prison. Why are black people seemingly waiting for white people to stick up for black girls and black women when they are in danger or about to be in danger? If a a black person’s arms and legs aren’t broken and they are not mentally slow they what the hey happened to them?
    As most if not all industrialized Western nations are white in majority of the population, it is is not unusual or weird to me to have most of the minority populations of any color or religion copying the Western ways of the majority. I mean black people have lived in the West for a few hundred years as many people know. But how come out of all the things that blacks have copied from whites, how come they never took a leaf out of the white people’s book about elevating their own women, putting them on a pedestal and protecting them as much as possible?
    Why do blacks treat even black girls as indifferently as a forgettable prostitute with a crack problem in a bad part of town at 2 AM?! Meanwhile even black people will jump on the bandwagon of viewing white girls as little angels. Your own daughters who you give birth to you aren’t YOUR sweet little darlings and angels? Heaven forfend….that is if there really is a heaven that is…
    If people see you disrespecting someone or even some inanimate piece of property, they will disregard and disrespect that person or item too. They just will because that is what people are like. You have to teach them a lesson.

  3. itsmeak says:

    Seems like only a bullet can protect the girls and women.

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