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Son of a God Who Became a Dope Fiend

| 01/01/2013 | Comments (0)
child of a crack cocaine user drug fiend shares his story

The poignant real life story of a black male and the challenges he and his siblings faced in childhood and adulthood due to the fact that his father was a drug addict and a dope fiend.

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Women Are Socialized to be Codependent

| 06/08/2010 | Comments (2)
Loving someone that pretty much ignores your needs is codependent behavior.

My working definition of codependency is anyone involved with someone else that worries more in a role where they take care of that person and worry more about that person’s needs, wants, feelings and actions than they do their own. Aren’t women deemed to be better wives, mothers and human beings when they behave in a codependent manner and condemned as selfish bitches when they have firm boundaries?

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