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Black Girls and Pimp Game Run by Black Males

. 05/12/2017 . 0 Comments

Today I watched a sad piece of life unfold as two young black girls were exposed to pimp game spit at them by a young black male already adept at coercion and verbal manipulation. Black women need to do more to educate black girls on these types of mind games.

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I am in Love With Him, but Very Unhappy in My Relationship

. 03/24/2012 . 0 Comments

Does a man with wavy hair and a body like Tyson sound like husband material? A young black woman with no clue about how to select a man for marriage writes to seek guidance on her relationship.

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Failure is Part of the Game of Life and Love!

. 05/07/2011 . 1 Comment

If you are never willing to risk striking out and experiencing failure, you’ll never give yourself the opportunity to hit the ball out of the park and become a winner!

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Men on the Down Low

. 01/05/2011 . 0 Comments

The term “down-low” originated in the Black community to indicate something on the “hush-hush,” but it’s now used to describe men of all races who secretly have sex with other men.

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The “On Point” Black Man, Leadership and Submission

. 07/20/2010 . 42 Comments

An “on point” man has his shit together and doesn’t care about your investment portfolio, your education or your resume – he wants only to know if you are willing to pick up a bat and play on his team. Can a professional, educated Black female ever trust a man to lead?

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