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MANSPLAINING – Mansplaining Defined

| 03/15/2017 | Comments (0)
MANSPLAINING - Mansplaining Defined

What is mansplaining? When men attempt to redefine women’s use of language and nullify women’s experiences with their own vision, you’ve seen mansplaining in action.

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Black males really do hate black women, and here’s the proof!

| 10/31/2015 | Comments (3)
black men hate black women

Black men hate black women. Everywhere is proof that black men don’t give a shit whether you live or die, and in too many instances will hurt or kill you without hesitation, just because they feel like it or find themselves in a bad mood. They even side with abusive men and white cops against you.

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Moving Past the Fuckery of Black Women and BWE

| 12/20/2013 | Comments (31)
Moving Past the Fuckery of Black Women and BWE

The BWE movement (Black Women’s Empowerment) is filled with black women who continue to hang onto a need for validation, acceptance and acknowledgement by black men. I believe it is a twisted need to feel something… anything… including pain.

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