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When Sex With Him is NOT All That!

. 05/02/2011 . 1 Comment

On this show hundreds of women will share what they want from men mentally, emotionally and physically to help men learn how to stimulate their female partners. Become a memorable lover!

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The Lies Men Tell Women

. 04/18/2011 . 0 Comments

All lies, no matter how big or small, damage the trust a woman has in her man and his commitment to her. Why do men lie so much?

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Do You Understand My Boyfriend?

. 02/07/2011 . 7 Comments

I recently told my boyfriend that I am not initiating lovemaking any more because I am so tired of him rejecting me. Do you know why he would keep doing this?

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Why Do Women Fall Out of Love?

. 01/28/2011 . 10 Comments

Young man learns a painful lesson about love and why taking his woman for granted and acting a fool is not the way to go.

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Exposing Black Male Privilege

. 12/16/2010 . 19 Comments

I’ve repeatedly heard Black men express the belief that they are victims of a matriarchial society, that they are denied rights and privileges and the opportunity to “be a man” by “strong Black women.” I’ve heard grown men whine that women need to be responsible for men’s attire (sagging pants), teen pregnancy amonst 11, 12, 13 year old girls (who are actually victimis of child molesters, not willing adults making a choice for sex), and assign to women the responsibility for changing the Black community. With women being blamed for all that, what the hell is it that Black men are going to get off their asses and do?

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Men, I Hear You and Imma Let You Finish, but…

. 11/22/2010 . 24 Comments

Men must stop overgeneralizing, stop misinterpreting statistics, stop taking things out of context, stop telling women what to do, stop trying to change us, and stop trying to control us.

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Black Men – How to Love a Black Woman

. 10/28/2010 . 16 Comments

A sad young man reflects on the errors he made in his former relationship and shares his newfound understanding to help other men avoid making the same mistakes.

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The Pair and a Spare Dating Program

. 09/25/2010 . 15 Comments

Women need to stop trying to be “good girls” and instead stand up for their rights when it comes to dating. Tell men straight up: “hey, I am dating around to find the right fit. You might be that guy, but until I spend more time with you and get to know you better, I am going to continue dating a few guys. You should do the same.”

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Should Women Propose Marriage to Men?

. 09/05/2010 . 1 Comment

Should a woman that wants to get married take the bull by the horns and propose marriage to her guy? What are the pros and cons of a woman proposing marriage?

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Drama Dating an Ex-Convict

. 08/16/2010 . 1 Comment

She feels she has finally met the smart, affectionate man of her dreams, however his very dark past is creating problems in their relationship.

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If You Didn’t ‘Get’ How The Black Church Keeps Black Women Single…

. 07/04/2010 . 59 Comments

Though somewhat surprised by the intensity of the debate on my article on The Black Church, I am not at all shocked at the shake up the article has caused. Always a maverick and unafraid of either contentious criticism or debate, who but Deb Cooper would have the gumption to question the motives of an institution held so dear by millions of Black people across the nation? After all, if one is an avid church-goer, how likely are you to question your church on your own?

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The “Stupid Muthafucka!” Gene

. 06/20/2010 . 13 Comments

Some singles are so anxious for love they rush into commitments with stupid people they really don’t know much about. The older and wiser I get, the more I’ve come to realize the importance of taking the time to assess the personality, health history and attitudes of potential mates with a critical eye to their genetics. Why? Because stupidity is carried in the genes!

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