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10 Things Women Do That Drive Men Away

. 01/01/2010 . 7 Comments

The ten item list contained in this article may anger many women. This isn’t a list of complaints, it’s information intended to provide women with insight into what men are thinking; it’s a bridge across the communication gap. After all, without straight and candid communication, we can’t solve the issues that threaten to end so many relationships. Use these ten issues as a starting point for a dialogue with your husband, the man in your life, or a male friend. Such an open discussion will give you even more insight and help to improve your relationship.

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Opposites Attract or Do You Attract Who You Are?

. 12/28/2009 . 3 Comments

Which do we believe… opposites attract or you attract who you are? I really don’t think it’s at all necessary for a couple to be like a set of matched bookends or The Bobbsey Twins. Finding common ground with regards to emotional commitment, honesty, respect, and conscientious adherence to your marital ties, no matter how opposite you may be in dozens of ways, is the mark of a truly solid couple.

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Rejection and Dating – Why Rejection Hurts

. 11/09/2009 . 7 Comments

Rejection can hurt like hell and cause wounded singles to bunker down to lick their ego wounds. What these singles don’t realize, however, is that rejection may hurt but never under any circumstances should rejection ever be taken personally. However you were rejected and for whatever reason you were rejected, there are a few key steps to recovery. These steps won’t stop it from happening again but they will make you a better person for your experience!

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Female Submission – Why Weak Men Want Submissive Women

. 10/05/2009 . 58 Comments

Female submission is pushed by fathers, pastors, deacons and ministers and society as a whole. The brainwashing is complete when women make statements that women should be submissive to men because it is a woman’s nature. It is not in a woman’s “nature” to be anything but great and powerful self-actualizing citizens of the world. Yet various cultures and religions have limited female options and choices based strictly on gender. Women of today, their mothers, and their mother’s mothers have all been socialized by men to believe that men are superior and that women should subjugate themselves to males. But that is nothing but a lie.

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The Three Types of Black Men

. 09/02/2009 . 4 Comments

After studying Black men for decades, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are three different types of Black men. Sadly, more than half of the Black men in the dating pool are misogynists and truly hate women; their treatment of and the thoughts they express about Black women prove it.

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7 Early Warning Signs of a Doomed Dating Relationship

. 07/26/2009 . 2 Comments

Do you notice that you repeatedly involve yourself with the same “type” of person over and over again? If so, the reason is most likely because you are either ignoring early warning signs that this situation is unhealthy and dangerous, or you don’t know what to look for. The earlier you notice signs of incompatibility such as these, the easier it will be for you to avoid getting hurt emotionally.

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Both Dating and Fishing Are Sports

. 07/22/2009 . 1 Comment

Have any of you ladies ever gone hunting or fishing? You should try it sometimes. It is a study in patience, planning and understanding the male mind. See, we can go to the grocery store and buy perfectly acceptable fish for $6.95 per pound that is already cleaned, boned and ready to eat. But men want excitement, to experience the thrill of winning and the memories and stories of the battle!

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Becoming The Man Women Want

. 07/05/2009 . 0 Comments

Women are frustrated and angry with men; men are confused about what modern women want and long for a return to “the good old days” when the male role was well-defined. Should women adjust their Fairy Tale expectations of Happily Ever After with the reality of who and what men are today? How can men adjust their caveman idea of “a man’s man” while still demonstrating strength and leadership so that the modern woman admires and respects him? If you’re confused about gender expectations and how to meet the needs of the opposite sex, this is the show for you!

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How Do Relationships Become “Official” These Days?

. 06/26/2009 . 0 Comments

Single men and women must never assume that they have a committed relationship or a “boyfriend/girlfriend” just because they’ve been on 5, 10 or even 500 dates, slept together, are living together, or have even had a baby. Unless the details of their association have been discussed in great detail, expectations and abilities to meet said expectations have been ironed out, and both parties sign on the dotted line, there is no “relationship.”

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You’re Either Part of the Solution, Or Part of the Problem

. 06/16/2009 . 0 Comments

Fear is epidemic in our society. I’ve never seen so many scary ass people! Millions of people sit on the bench in the game of life, holding onto their fears of success like a security blanket while telling themselves over and over again what they “can’t” accomplish, “can’t” change, “can’t” become or “can’t” try for fear of failure.

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Why Won’t Men Say I LOVE YOU?

. 06/05/2009 . 0 Comments

Question:  Why won’t men say "I love you" to their girlfriends and wives?  These are sincere guys! They know they feel the love, and we know they do too. But they just won’t say the words we so badly want to hear.  WHY NOT??????   HE SAYS: So why don’t the men in your life SAY […]

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Are Black Men Judgmental Haters of Black Women?

. 06/04/2009 . 1 Comment

My Dad raised me to never worry about pleasing other people or to care what they thought about anything with regards to me. Too many women did not get that message, and bend themselves into pretzels with each new man they meet, trying in vain to be “good enough” for him. Women need to be whatever they want to be as long as they are happy and satisfied, and stop trying to be the fantasy woman of men’s dreams. It never works anyway.

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