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Mom’s Best Relationship Advice and Tips for Finding Love

| 06/09/2011 | Comments (0)
Mom's Best Relationship Advice and Tips for Finding Love

A mother’s influence is very important in forming not only who and what we are, but who and what we ultimately become, how we view the world and how we relate to others. This article explores how parental influence shapes our expectation about love.

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The Dreaded “What Are You Thinking?” Question…

| 05/26/2011 | Comments (5)
The Dreaded "What Are You Thinking?" Question...

Why do women waste their time asking men “what are you thinking?” when men are never thinking anything?

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Why do men pick a woman with their penis?

| 05/10/2011 | Comments (19)
Men choose a woman by who makes their penis stand at attention.

Forty year old man dating woman he admits is perfect but who he may hurt badly because he wants fireworks, not solid commitment and love.

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When Sex With Him is NOT All That!

| 05/02/2011 | Comments (1)
when sex with him is not all that

On this show hundreds of women will share what they want from men mentally, emotionally and physically to help men learn how to stimulate their female partners. Become a memorable lover!

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Garbage Men and Scavenger Bitches

| 04/28/2011 | Comments (15)
Goodlooking, sexy but unsuitable garbage when it comes to love and relationships

Lonely for companionship and sex, scavenger bitches scour the earth picking up anything male with a pulse. Scavenger bitches repeatedly align themselves with the most undesirable men and settle for the most disrespectful treatment – men that other women with better sense have rejected.

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Dating Tips and Advice: The Go-Nowhere Relationship

| 04/24/2011 | Comments (2)
The engines of a fast traveling speed boat

Women must learn the dynamics of dating and how to select a man that works for the long haul. Do you have the courage to wait for your yacht to come in, or are you settling for a leaky rowboat man? An interesting take on the subject of love and dating between single men and women.

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The Lies Men Tell Women

| 04/18/2011 | Comments (0)
Men lie the most, men lie to women, why men lie

All lies, no matter how big or small, damage the trust a woman has in her man and his commitment to her. Why do men lie so much?

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Are we dating or friending?

| 03/21/2011 | Comments (2)
does he like me is what she wants to know

She’s confused about his intentions when it comes to their relationship, but Ms. HeartBeat is wondering “what relationship?”

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I’m Tired of His Refusal to Commit!

| 03/15/2011 | Comments (11)
Women seek advice on why boyfriends won't commit to marriage

Why do so many young women waste their youth and time in unhealthy relationships, seeking commitments from loser boyfriends?

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Sex and the Single Church Woman

| 03/14/2011 | Comments (0)
Sex and the Single Church Woman

Sha’ Givens, author of SEX and the SINGLE CHURCH SISTER: How to Keep Your Dress On When You Want to Take it Off interviewed 3/18/11.

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Dating Tips for Men: How to Dump Proof Your Relationship

| 02/07/2011 | Comments (3)
Dating Tips for Men: How to Dump Proof Your Relationship

The effort most men put out to get a woman comes to a screeching halt once he is confident that she is his. But guys, that is a huge mistake.

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Do You Understand My Boyfriend?

| 02/07/2011 | Comments (7)
Do You Understand My Boyfriend?

I recently told my boyfriend that I am not initiating lovemaking any more because I am so tired of him rejecting me. Do you know why he would keep doing this?

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