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How to Train Your Man

| 06/14/2012 | Comments (1)
How to Train Your Man

Men are like dogs and must be trained using the proper strategies – rewarded for good behavior, and denied treats when exhibiting bad behavior. Vital lessons for women on how to set firm boundaries and train men on how to be their best in relationships.

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The Ho Test – How and Why Men Test Women’s Values and Morals

| 01/02/2012 | Comments (1)
testing morals the ho test

All men, from hard core player pimps to hardworking, church-going “husband material” men will run some variation of the ho test on every woman they meet. How you handle the questions put forth will determine whether a man invests feelings in you, or labels you a low class, trifling, money-grubbing good for nothing.

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Can We Ever Have a Drama Free Relationship?

| 07/20/2010 | Comments (2)
drama kings and drama queens create havoc in dating relationships

Abandoned by his Mom as a child, a new boyfriend has issues with intimacy and has chosen crazy drama girls to date in the past. Should the new girlfriend expect changes or flee?

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