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Dating and Jealousy… Why Bother Being Jealous?

| 02/23/2017 | Comments (2)
Jealous men jealousy in relationships

Controlling, jealous, possessive behaviors have no place in loving relationships; and neither does disrespectful flirting, threatening your partner with abandonment, or cheating. When you truly believe that you deserve to have someone that loves you just as you are, and believe that anyone would be lucky to have you in their corner, you won’t get jealous. You won’t feel threatened by people that try to get at your lover, because you are confident that your mate is truly all about you.

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A buddy of mine is now dating my ex!

| 10/29/2011 | Comments (0)
A buddy of mine is now dating my ex!

He didn’t want the woman so he broke it off, but it seems he doesn’t want his buddy to date her either. What happens when a friend begins “dating my ex?” The clean-up man is in full effect on this one!

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