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My Jealous Man Wants Sex All The Time!

| 08/23/2014 | Comments (0)
emotional abuse sex addiction saying no

A young woman seeks advice about her relationship with a man who demands sex constantly, even when she isn’t in the mood – sometimes she even feels raped. Is she in an emotionally abusive relationship with a sex addict?

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Research Survey: Preyed Upon in God’s House

| 10/03/2010 | Comments (0)
Research Survey: Preyed Upon in God's House

Research survey on the predatory behaviors of men within our nation’s religious institutions. Instead of worshipping God, women/children are viewed as prey by child molesters and opportunists.

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10-2-10 Sex Trafficking and Your Child

| 10/02/2010 | Comments (2)
sad depressed low self esteem teens after sexual abuses

It is every parent’s worst nightmare to find that, too late, they ignored the signs that their children were selling themselves or being groomed for a life in prostitution or the sex industry.

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