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Cons of Marriage – Why Women Should Not Get Married

| 04/27/2010 | Comments (87)
Cons of Marriage – Why Women Should Not Get Married

Why is it that professional, educated Black women aren’t married like White women are? Why do Black men feel Black women didn’t know how to get and keep a man? Women should not get married. Marriage is basically a bullshit mind game played on women for generations. Until a woman is married and gets first hand experience, most do not understand that being a free maid, cook, breeding stock and social secretary is not a goal to strive to achieve. Marriage is for chumps and suckas!

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Don’t Waste Your Time on a Fearful Defeatist

| 01/11/2010 | Comments (6)
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Some people submit to defeat quickly. Their fear of failure causes them to settle for mediocrity instead of taking the risk to achieve excellence. Defeatist attitudes are easier to assume than facing one’s fears and moving forward. However, the courageous, those that become successful and leaders, those that make things happen never stop, never give up and never succumb willingly to defeat. The #1 goal of the courageous winner is to get to the other side of fear and the limitations fear places on our willingness to seek and then achieve greatness. Whatever you need to do, get over your fears!

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Female Submission – Why Weak Men Want Submissive Women

| 10/05/2009 | Comments (58)
female submission

Female submission is pushed by fathers, pastors, deacons and ministers and society as a whole. The brainwashing is complete when women make statements that women should be submissive to men because it is a woman’s nature. It is not in a woman’s “nature” to be anything but great and powerful self-actualizing citizens of the world. Yet various cultures and religions have limited female options and choices based strictly on gender. Women of today, their mothers, and their mother’s mothers have all been socialized by men to believe that men are superior and that women should subjugate themselves to males. But that is nothing but a lie.

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Statistics on Black Women… Don’t Believe The Hype!

| 07/24/2009 | Comments (3)

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Statistics on Black Women... Don't Believe The Hype!

Are statistics true that show that Black women have a harder time with relationships than women of other races? Think about that and what truths are really exposed by an “average.” I suggest that all Americans be very leery of what is packaged as “statistics” when it comes to Black America. Do not put your faith in what statistics say until you have carefully considered what they do not say.

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The Dangers of the “Undefined” Relationship

| 07/06/2009 | Comments (0)
The Dangers of the “Undefined” Relationship

Women must refuse to allow undefined relationships for long periods of time. For a relationship to develop any depth, the relationship must be acknowledged both privately and publicly by both people. If you’re participating in an undefined relationship but think it is going somewhere, you need to wake up and smell the game!

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