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The Dirty Dozen – My Top 12 Dating Pet Peeves

| 08/18/2016 | Comments (1)
Top 12 dating pet peeves

I loved the fantastic war movie The Dirty Dozen. If you haven’t seen it before, try getting it for your next Blockbuster night. Exciting action drama, espionage, comedy, lots of stuff blowing up, sex, death, hope and redemption – it’s all there! But just like in dating, the story SOUNDS like an exciting adventure, so you sign on for the mission. It’s only after you get started on the journey that you find out that it is gonna be hard to make it out alive without losing a limb, or getting ventilated with bullet holes. What follows is my top 12 pet peeves, which I have affectionately dubbed The Dirty Dozen Dating Pet Peeves!

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Kissing – Perfect Your Kissing Technique!

| 04/08/2011 | Comments (4)
Kissing - Perfect Your Kissing Technique!

The best kisses are memorable, passion inducing, heart pounding exchanges that leave you panting and wanting more. Kissing tips for the kissing-challenged single to improve your kissing technique!

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1/9/11 – Dating the Cheap Man

| 01/02/2011 | Comments (0)
1/9/11 - Dating the Cheap Man

When a man is a penny pincher with his money, is he tightfisted and guarded with his emotions as well? How important is male spending in the romantic selection and dating process?

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