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What Makes a Man Afraid of Commitment?

| 11/06/2016 | Comments (4)
fear of commitment, why men are afraid of commitment

There is nothing wrong with saying you are afraid of something! Fear is a normal human emotion just like being angry, being sad, being happy. But the bottom line is women are AFRAID of being abandoned and behave accordingly, and men are AFRAID of commitment and losing options, and they behave accordingly as well. Each gender finds reasons to justify their behaviors and reasons for running away from commitment.

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His Ex Emailed to Say She is Pregnant with My Man’s Baby!

| 08/30/2010 | Comments (0)
His Ex Emailed to Say She is Pregnant with My Man's Baby!

We’ve been together 7 months, but recently a woman he dated for only 2 weeks sent an email to say she is pregnant with his child. Help! Do I stay or go?

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