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How to Keep Romance Alive in Your Relationship

| 07/09/2012 | Comments (2)
tips for keeping romance alive in your romantic dating relationship

Five great tips on how you can keep the spark of romance alive in your dating relationship or marriage. Don’t let romance die by making other people and things more important than your partner.

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Your Selfishness is Not Making the Coochie Wet

| 02/14/2012 | Comments (8)
Your Selfishness is Not Making the Coochie Wet

Black men have the right to be selfish and talk shit about Valentine’s Day if you want to – nobody is stopping you. But don’t say nothin when your selfishness hurts your woman. When she doesn’t want you to touch her, and certainly doesn’t want to share her coochie with you, it will be your own fault.

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When Valentine’s Day Sucks!

| 02/08/2012 | Comments (0)
When Valentine's Day Sucks!

The day after Valentine’s Day is the #1 day of the year for women to cheat. With that fact in mind, why do so many men stubbornly refuse to romance their woman and show appreciation on Valentine’s Day?

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