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Webinar 9/8/12 – NO! is a Complete Sentence with Deborrah Cooper

. 07/30/2012 . 1 Comment

No! really is a complete sentence Webinar hosted by dating expert Deborrah Cooper takes place September 8 2012. Learn the importance of emotional, physical, and mental boundaries. Learn how to stand up for yourself.

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The ‘Ho Test – Why and How Men Test the Women They Date (part 2)

. 01/03/2012 . 13 Comments

Discussion of the dozens of tests men run to determine the morals and values of the women they date. Whether his goal is to game on her or to make sure its safe to commit to and love her, all men run a version of the ‘ho test.

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Women’s Self Esteem Attacked to Make a Buck

. 07/12/2011 . 0 Comments

There is a social attack on women’s bodies and self esteem, with the everyday women being compared in looks and performance to porn stars. Who stands to profit from women feeling bad about themselves? Advice columnist Deborrah Cooper provides her usual insightful analysis into several disturbing new trends that affect women and their bodies.

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Are we dating or friending?

. 03/21/2011 . 2 Comments

She’s confused about his intentions when it comes to their relationship, but Ms. HeartBeat is wondering “what relationship?”

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I know I should leave, but…

. 03/16/2011 . 5 Comments

She set herself up to compete with another woman over a man. How can she stop being the other woman and leave when she cares so much?

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Auditioning to be a Wife…WTF do You do THAT for?

. 09/11/2010 . 6 Comments

Can you recognize when a man is gaming on you for some ass with fanciful words that get you all excited and thinking you have a committed relationship when you don’t? Sure you do! That’s why you’re in the shit you’re in right now!

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If You Didn’t Provide it For Yourself, It’s Not SELF Esteem!

. 07/12/2010 . 11 Comments

Women with low self-esteem make poor choices in men out of fearful desperation. Women must stop allowing men to impact or control in any way their self image, and thereby damage or control their SELF esteem.

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Does Love Make Women Stupid?

. 06/20/2010 . 1 Comment

Love and females – how women deal with love, what love means to women, and the trouble women get into when they put their love of someone else in front of their love for themselves. Some women will go to any lengths to “protect” their man. Fighting, lying, criminal acts are included in some of […]

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