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Relationships Webcam Show – WHAT HE SAID, WHAT SHE SAID

. 04/20/2017 . 0 Comments

What He Said …What She Said Gender Perspectives on Male/Female Relationships Sharing perspectives during a conversation with Quincy, host of Talk2Q about male/female relationships. We have two topics slated for examination during this discussion: (1) Why all the constant back and forth blaming each other instead of looking within? (2) Why single men and women […]

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Ghosting – The Slick Way to End a Dating Relationship

. 03/20/2017 . 0 Comments

Ghosting is the favorite technique of the single to end things when they don’t want to deal with a bunch of drama and emotions. Ghosting explained in both definition and practice.

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Men Never Miss Their Water ‘Til the Well Has Run Dry!

. 08/05/2011 . 1 Comment

Women often ask why men break things off, or do something really stupid that causes a self-respecting woman to give him the boot, only to see him turn around, and beg to come back. Why, why, why do men never miss their water until the well has run dry?

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We Broke Up – How Can We Be Friends?

. 08/01/2009 . 1 Comment

I have never understood why people insist on being friends with an ex! Why continue to put emotional energy towards something that does not exist? Why torture yourself by hanging around and talking to someone in a situation that has a very low potential to become what you wanted it to be? The clock is ticking! Why not re-invest your emotional energy into the possibilities of finding someone else that wants to direct their romantic energy towards you?

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