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What Happened to Bra-Busters on Facebook?

. 06/23/2013 . 0 Comments

The detailed account of the manipulation of Facebook staff with false reports, and misogynistic rants of cretins which got Bra-Busters, a popular feminist page removed. Women must NEVER submit to men and must continue fighting for rights and fair treatment in all spheres.

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Gender Roles in the 21st Century

. 02/27/2012 . 1 Comment

Gender roles in the 21st century should be dictated by qualifications and skills, rather than gender role stereotypes. Play your position based on your strengths, not on what you are “supposed” to be doing.

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If Submission in Marriage is So Wonderful and Perfect…

. 02/20/2012 . 3 Comments

Female submission is touted by patriarchal men as the key to a successful marriage or relationship, but where is the proof? If submissive relationships are better then why aren’t more submissive, religious women happily married?

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Submissive Women Have the Happiest Relationships?

. 04/21/2011 . 1 Comment

Why is it that Black men are so enamored of the concept of female submission? Do such relationships last longer? Are they happier for both the man and woman or just the man?

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1/23/11 – The Male Identified Woman

. 01/02/2011 . 0 Comments

Discussion of how male-identified women encourage female submission, codependency and attitudes in men that are to the detriment of females. Male-identified women encourage men to remain close minded and judgmental about females.

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The “On Point” Black Man, Leadership and Submission

. 07/20/2010 . 42 Comments

An “on point” man has his shit together and doesn’t care about your investment portfolio, your education or your resume – he wants only to know if you are willing to pick up a bat and play on his team. Can a professional, educated Black female ever trust a man to lead?

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Female Submission – Why Weak Men Want Submissive Women

. 10/05/2009 . 58 Comments

Female submission is pushed by fathers, pastors, deacons and ministers and society as a whole. The brainwashing is complete when women make statements that women should be submissive to men because it is a woman’s nature. It is not in a woman’s “nature” to be anything but great and powerful self-actualizing citizens of the world. Yet various cultures and religions have limited female options and choices based strictly on gender. Women of today, their mothers, and their mother’s mothers have all been socialized by men to believe that men are superior and that women should subjugate themselves to males. But that is nothing but a lie.

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