Teen pregnancies get on her nerves

| 04/07/2011 | Comments (2)

Teen preggers are really starting to get on my nerves.

What the hell do they think motherhood, marriage and family are all about? It’s a gdamn responsibility. All I see is that they spread kids with the ease they get a new purse.

Enuf with the teen mothers sh7t.

And plz dont give me the “not everyone’s the same” line. Some of you I bet have done a great job raising your kids. But it doesnt make up for this irresponsible teen motherhood frenzyness goin around.

If the law can’t do it, there should be some sort of forced education on this matter.

Secilia in Greece

Dear Secilia:
I was with you until I noticed your rant was all about females. I am throwing the bullshit flag on your play honey. Why? Because not ONE GIRL GOT PREGNANT BY HERSELF. So get out of here with that nonsense! It’s teen PARENTS  and both parties are equally responsible for the child getting here.

Here in the United States, more teen girls are impregnated by ADULT men in their 20s and early 30s that are nothing but pervert pedophile freaks.  They troll middle schools and high school looking for young females to victimize. I’ve never been to Greece, so I have no idea if similar things are happening there.  But in a situation where a child (which is what an underage minor is) gets pregnant by an adult, a crime has been committed and someone needs to be imprisoned for it. Instead, women like you blame the girl for getting pregnant instead of the adult male for making her that way.

There is plenty of education on birth control and pregnancy available. What is NOT available for young women is information on how to protect themselves from the mental and emotional  games that men play to have free access to a young woman’s vagina.  Young girls believe the words of love, the promises of happily ever after and family that come from the lips of these opportunists. No one has told them that men will lie and tell you anything they even remotely think you want to hear in order to get access to your vagina.

Such egregious behaviors are in my mind criminal. The fact that a young girl’s life is put on hold while she has to raise a child (when she is nothing but a child herself), compounds the criminal act.  Young women’s lives are ruined forever because a man just had to play games with her innocence and youth instead of going and paying a professional hooker to take care of his “interests.”

So yes, young people in their teens are not prepared to parent. This goes for both males and females.

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  1. SilentBro says:

    I agree the boys/men are half responsible for not only creating the baby but raising and supporting the baby. Reality doesn’t see that play out too much; often the fathers have other kids they don’t take care of, are jobless and in and out of jail and they move from one baby’s momma to another. There’s an old saying that if you sleep with dogs you will get fleas. Sadly more often than not these boys/men are also products of a struggling single parented household that they recreate. Its a vicious cycle that we need to address on both ends. First as a family and community we need to hold these men responsible. If a man isn’t taking care of his 3-6 kids he shouldn’t be celebrated on fathers day, his own mother shouldn’t make excuses for him nor shelter him. The current or next baby’s mother shouldn’t still sleep with him and his other women shouldn’t let him hide out with them (and their kids) from the other mothers and authorities. These men are able to slip and slide through the system while the mothers and children suffer. If these men don’t voluntarily take care of their kids they should be compelled (ie forced) by the state to get a job and child support taken out or jail. They not only need a job but they have to take continuing training/education to ensure they can provide a stable future for their offspring(s).

    On the other end we need to teach, support and emphasize in young ladies the positive qualities they should look for in a companion so he shouldn’t look like he stepped out of a hard core video set. I agree they these young mothers are victims but sometimes they are willing victims. Have you seen the number of underage women who sneak into “grown folks” clubs and lie about their age the men they meet? Mothers, father, uncles, brothers need to protect the young women in their family from these predators even if that means short curfews, chaperones or keeping them in altogether. Many of these young mothers have the man’s name tattoed on their neck or even face, they sometimes are complicit in his illegal endeavors for which she sees little to none as support. Its a shame that in many inner city neighborhoods a young woman walking just outside her front door step ot at school is a target for predators whether she realizes it or not.

  2. Sapphire says:

    As long as the focus is solely on the pregnant girl, we will continue to have teenaged pregnancies. Whenever the media focuses on it, they always have a picture of a girl with a big pregnant belly. I never see any pictures of the men/boys/guys who got her that way. Now why is that?

    Women have always ‘born’ (pun intended) the brunt of the responsibility for teenage pregnancy while men have gotten off without any fingers pointed at them. No one, ever comes down on these men for spraying sperm and creating all these babies and leaving them behind.

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