Twelve Reasons Side Chicks Are Smarter Than Wives or Girlfriends

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I have never watched BEING MARY JANE and only saw SCANDAL once, so I am not an expert on the side chick issue as presented on those two FICTIONAL broadcasts everyone is going on and on about.

But I CAN say this — the phenomena of a man having a side chick is not new. It’s just new to some of you because you are young and inexperienced in life, and still living the fairy tale fantasy of happily-ever-after.

When you been around for half a century (or even longer), you’ve seen and heard it all and nothing surprises you. Being old gives you a different perspective on things… you understand human motivation a lot better and can see both sides of any argument clearly.

So I understand why women would be happy to be the side chick. Matter of fact, many women LOVE being the side chick and don’t even want to get involved with dudes that are single and available.

side chicks


#1 They get the dick then the mofo gets up and goes home. No dealing with his snoring or farting all night.

#2 The dick is well trained because he is married. He knows women’s bodies and can deliver sexual satisfaction every time.

#3 The fact that he is committed elsewhere removes his right to talk shit and try to control anything about where the side chick is, who she is with, when she comes home, what she is wearing, etc. Most wives feel obligated to consider their husbands in all those issues.

#4 They give the side chick money and gifts, and never expect anything in return because they’d have to explain it to the wife.

#5 You already know they don’t love you, so there is no need for them to lie about it to get sex. Everything is very straightforward and drama free.

#6 You don’t have to listen to him whining about his needs or his problems and pretend to care like his wife does.

#7 You don’t have to take care of his bad ass kids like his wife does.

#8 You don’t have to listen to him whine about work like his wife does.

#9 You don’t have to do his laundry or pick up after him like his wife does.

#10 You don’t have to cook and clean for him like his wife does.

#11 You don’t have to be bothered with his relatives like his wife does.

#12 You don’t have to be bothered with HIM on a daily basis like his wife does.

So you see, there are a good 12 solid reasons to opt to choose to be the side chick. You have your life and some experienced, well trained dick when you have time for it. This lifestyle works very well for women who are on their grind finishing school, or setting up a business, or establishing their corporate career. Relationships are exhausting and they aren’t really ready for one.

Not sure why everyone thinks being the side chick is so bad. I understand the reasons both types of women want what they want.

But the bottom line is when you are married or in a relationship and your man cheats and has a side chick, it makes YOU a side chick too. So don’t be getting all high and mighty and thinking you are better than the next broad because you have a ring and his last name.

What kills me is when the wives or girlfriends find out their man has been tippin’, they immediately fly into “THAT BITCH!” mode. They don’t turn their rage on the one that lied to them, the one that cheated on them, the one that played them like a fiddle. Nope, they go after the other woman. Like the side chick abducted that nigga, cut off his clothes, tied him to a bed while he struggled and fought her to get away, showed him porn to make his dick hard, then fucked him while he was screaming “NO! NO! DON’T MAKE ME! DON’T HURT ME LIKE THIS!”


Married bitches need to get fucking real.

Dig this chicka —

Your man is tippin’ out on you because that is what he wants to do!

Your man is with the side chick because that is where he wants to be!

No matter how much you rock him in bed, your man loves fucking new pussy that isn’t yours!

What you think is your man is not — he is community dick.

Your man does not give a fuck about you, or your feelings. He gives no more fucks about YOU and that ring he gave you, or the relationship you two have than he does about HER. You are just as much of a side chick as the next broad. You just like to imagine that you are something more, but you ain’t. You get a part, the part he doesn’t give to the other broad. Plus YOU have to share your money, resources, and time with him – she isn’t obligated to do anything with or for him that she doesn’t want to.


Married or otherwise committed women really need to rethink this whole situation. Why are you making a man a priority in your life when you ain’t nothing but one of many options in his? I mean, if you gonna be treated like a side chick anyway, why not get the most out of the deal that you can?

Set yourself up to win! Especially while you are young and fine. Work it. Get it ALL from any man that will give it to you. Then take your money and buy yourself an education, real property, and some plane tickets. Invest in stocks, set yourself up a retirement account, invest in a business, or in precious metals and gems.

Be smart. Get yours. Then send his ass home.

At least the side chick knows her role and plays her position to her advantage. The wife or girlfriend is usually left sputtering and demanding that the other woman respect her position in the man’s life. Forgetting that he didn’t respect you or your “position”, so why should anyone else?


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  1. tenishabell87 says:

    Wives be mad that’s why they keep throwing that ring up because deep down they know the side chick winning I will be mad if my husband was giving away money and putting his mouth on another chick and then come home and kiss me all in the mouth like nothing

  2. MichelleZirkle says:

    I absolutely loved the honesty of this piece !! Great job!!

  3. TabbyMonte says:

    so true I was married for six years gave a man 3 children and he brings in a second chick and gave her everything I worked hard to get, like she been putting in work. I aint mad jus recognizing game. Lucky for me my body still in shape, me and him get along to care our children but I am so past him, he doesn’t even know it. Never hate on the next chick that is true because  they are jus another pawn in his game to feed his ego.

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