Will the Real Bitch and Ho Please Stand Up!

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Is or was the black man the strongest man on earth at one time?
Answer:  Yes, because he was the only man on earth for thousands of years before mutations in his genes gave rise to “other” races of people. The area of the earth and the physical demands of living in that environment, all suggest you had to be physically strong and mentally fit to survive.strong black fathers are needed to save their children in the black community

Is the black man the oldest man on earth?
Answer: Yes, according to geneticist, Dr Spencer Wells, the Khoi and San people of the Kalahari Desert are the oldest people on earth, and have the greatest genetic diversity.

Did the black man have the most advance and oldest civilizations on earth?
Answer: Yes, the great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx are the oldest monuments on earth. The Sphinx is estimated to be well over 30,000 years old. These monuments are in north east Africa, in present day Egypt. Advance mathematics, geometry, algebra, writing, music, and a host of other scientific and cultural practices, have their origin in Africa

Was the black man in charge of the security of his family, tribe and people?
Answer: Yes, for thousands of years, black men have been the kings, chiefs, generals, and warriors for their tribes, people, and family. Although there is parts of Africa where a man or woman can become chief or a ruler of a tribe or clan, generally it was the men in charge of the military and fighting other enemy tribes.

Was the black man the most intelligent man on earth at one time?
Yes, it stands to reason that if the black man is the oldest man on earth, at one time he had to be the most intelligent. His monuments and history are vast and plenty.

Now, here comes the million dollar question:  If the black man is the oldest, the strongest, and was the most intelligent man at one time with the most advanced civilizations, and was in charge of his tribe, family and people, how did the foreigners come in and not only enslave them, but take possession of all their lands and resources?We are going to answer that million dollar question and strip the black man naked before the searing rays of the sun, which is the truth. I’m only going to venture back in time 600 years because if I go back further, I will be writing all day. Let’s boogie!

The Seven Biggest Mistakes Black Men Have Made

To understand the black man and the seven most egregious mistakes he has made is to understand and know his history.

Egregious Mistake #1

The so-called “Moors” invaded Europe, ruled for 800 years, and were driven out because of infighting with the infidel Arabs of that time. In 1492 the last of the “Moors” were driven from the Iberian Peninsula and Granada. This allowed the Europeans who were bottled up in Europe to come out and exploit the entire world using the same education and technology taught to them by the very “Moors” that they disposed of. Once the “Moors” returned to North Africa, they made deals with the Europeans to trade slaves for gold, and silver.black men are destroying the

They were also partners with the Infidel Arab slave traders of East Africa. Once the “Moors” had emptied out the lands of the tribes they enslaved and sold, the Europeans started enslaving them. A treaty between Spain, the rest of Europe and the United States, put a hold on “Moors” being enslaved. They basically sold out for a dollar.

Egregious Mistake #2

African tribes along the West Coast of Africa began trading slaves to the Spanish and Portuguese. Keep in mind that these tribes were headed by black men who were the chiefs and warriors. They enslaved their neighboring tribes because they wanted their land. They sold slaves for mirrors, sugar, molasses, guns, bibles, and rum. They basically sold out for a dollar.

Egregious Mistake #3

Black men led the way in trying to integrate with the same people who have done all they could to try and destroy them. Many great civil rights leaders had the right idea, but they miscalculated just how bad of a brain washing black people had. Black men had a massive inferiority complex back then which in turn, caused black economic flight and community abandonment.

Black men no longer listened to what Booker T Washington, Marcus Garvey, Noble Drew Ali, Elijah Muhammad, or MLK had been advising them to do, which is except your own, be yourself and do for yourself. Black men wanted to be accepted by white society, therefore they started getting “Conks” in their hair, imitating white men, and trying to assimilate white culture into their own.

Egregious Mistake #4

Black men started selling drugs, which in turn, wiped out a whole generation of productive black men and women in the eighties. The effects can still be felt today. They will be quick to tell you that the white man brought the drugs over here, but I counter by stating that the white man didn’t put a gun to an individual’s head to make him sell the drugs to his family, friends, and people in his own community.

Egregious Mistake #5

Black men started making babies in the late 1980s and 1990s and not taking care of them. Black men began abandoning their children and women en masse during this time period.

Egregious Mistake #6

Black men started making music calling his women bitches and ho’s while using the word nigga as a so-called term of endearment. This brought down the self esteem of the women who would later start to mimic the stereotypes rapped about in those songs.

Egregious Mistake #7

Black men are complaining about black women, the government, the neighborhood, and the children of today, but they refuse to address these issues themselves. Instead, they look to Obama, the government, and other so-called black leaders, to fix the problems in their homes, and their communities.Basically, the black man sold all of us out, even himself(continued on page three below)

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