Will the Real Bitch and Ho Please Stand Up!

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Black Women ‘Following’ Black Men is Counterproductive

Now, I will tell you what the black man has asked for and has received.

1. He asked the black woman for a shaved pussy, and she gave him that. This comes from all the porn he has watched and him wanting his woman to be more like the white woman.

2, He asked the black woman for anal sex and to become his personal freak, and she did.

3. He asked the black woman for bitches and hos, and she gave him that. Prior to the 90’s a black woman would beat the hell out of you if you called her a bitch or a hoe and she wasn’t a prostitute. Today, black women refer to each other as such at the beckoning of the black man who makes albums glorifying the practice of self degradation.

4. He asked the black woman to get tattoos, tongue rings, clitoris piercing and a belly ring, and she has given him all of this. Before 2Pac came out, you would have been hard pressed to find a man with a tattoo, unless he was a criminal or rebellious. Black men started getting them in the mid 1990’s and he asked his woman to follow, and she did. Now black women are walking around her looking more like a subway train in NYC painted with graffiti!

5. He asked the black woman to have his baby, and she did. Now we have 70% of children being born out of wedlock! Black men will even try to justify why they do not support their children.

6. He asked the black woman to get “thick”, now we have a obesity problem and black women walking around here being proud to be unhealthy. Black men have brain washed black women into living a unhealthy life style.

When you add up all the egregious mistakes black men have committed and all they have asked black women to do, then you have to stand in awe whenever one of them starts to point the finger at black women and attempt to blame them for everything. The black woman has followed the black man straight to the pits of hell on earth and has done everything he has asked her to do, even to her degradation, shame and disgrace.

The black woman has brought herself low trying to appease and please a man who is hell bent on destroying her, their children and himself. He has no love of self and no love for his own woman and children. The black man has proven time and time again that he is morally bankrupt and only concerned with being accepted by the establishment and making money in the process of the selling of his soul. He is to be looked upon with suspicion and contempt because he is unworthy of any mercy or sympathy.

I could go on and on but I think you get the point. Black women have been following black men to their own detriment. Everything they participate in is unhealthy and counterproductive, but black men say it is the right thing to do.

The Weak and Destructive Black Man

From Africa and the selling of Africans by black men to the Europeans, to the Civil Rights era and the debacle that is called integration, to the black man’s proliferation of drugs in his community, to the black man degrading his woman on records, the movies, and in every form of media in the entire world, to the black man begging other people to fix the very problems he has created through his lack of character, and misguided, lackluster leadership, black men display weakness and destructive attitudes.

Anyone who would follow or give an ear to the foolish black men, who attempt to blame the black woman for our troubles, deserves their fate.

All of the social programs that the white supremacist have used to divide and destroy black people, is a direct result from the black man refusing to stand up like a man and take charge of himself, and his community.

He has not provided institutions of education for his children. He has not provided jobs and economic opportunities for his women and children.

He has not provided security for his women and children in his communities.

He has sought to practice escapism in the political arena therefore when he takes office, he does nothing to help his community or people.

He does not provide food, clothing and shelter for his women and children. And yet, he has the nerves to throw the very woman who has stood with him and followed him since the beginning of time, under the bus. Unbelievable!

To the men or those who profess to be men, whenever you hear black men trying to point fingers and put black women down, you need to engage these punks, not sit back and say nothing because you are afraid of the backlash! I can’t let a weak man ride with nonsense.

The Black Man is the True Bitch and Ho

According to the Street dictionary;

A bitch: is someone who complains all the time and wines about everything. A bitch is a word used to describe a prostitute that sells herself for money.

A hoe: is a prostitute or someone who will sleep with anyone for a perceived benefit, whether it be money or sexual gratification.

So I say, will the real bitch and ho stand up? Who is the real bitch and ho?

The real bitch and ho is the black man who has done everything he could to destroy our people through the selling of himself to anybody willing to pay to watch him make a jackass out of himself, his woman, and his children.

The black woman can never be a bitch and a ho because it has been the black man at the bottom of all of the evil that has befallen our people, so he is the real bitch and ho!black men are bitches and hos

A man doesn’t come out of his mouth and blame a woman for all of his shortcomings.
A man doesn’t ask a woman for permission to be a man.
A man doesn’t beg outsiders to fix his problems.
A man takes care of his women and children.
A man don’t talk shit – they take action, so those men who have been talking shit about black women, y’all ho’s, and ho’s’ talk shit!


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