What do I do when he won’t take no for an answer?

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stalking harassment won't take no for an answer

Frustration of dealing with a man who won’t take no for an answer

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There is this man who I am in no way attracted to that continues to harass me. I’ve turned him down to his face. I discussed the matter on the phone. The last and final straw was to type him a very detailed letter laying everything on the line. The letter did have some harsh things to say, but I really wanted to get my point across that he needs to leave me alone. My question for you is, if he continues to keep trying shall I just label him a stalker and report his butt to the police? I’m at the end of my rope because he just won’t take no for an answer. I don’t like hurting anyone’s feelings, but enough is enough and when you make me uncomfortable all of my “nice girl” stuff goes out the window.

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When He Won’t Take No for an Answer

Women kill me with this trying to be nice to fools shit, especially that type who refuses to take no for an answer! It’s great that you wrote him a letter so now you have proof that you have requested that he leave you alone should things escalate to the next level. So now you will ignore him completely – not talking to him at all, not returning his calls, not talking on the phone or explaining or anything. He still gets your attention this way, and like a naughty child, that is what he wants by any means necessary. Document all calls by logging onto your service provider account where you can print out your incoming calls which will be great evidence since a restraining order be required.

You should seriously consider changing your home phone number if you have one, your cell number, and if you can, move to a different location. Get a Google Voice phone number and give that out to people instead; the app for it will give you the option to make calls or receive them right on your phone and the person will never know your real cell number. You should also get a post office box and start having all your mail sent there as well, including your vehicle registration and banking records.

Maintain your safety while you deal with this clown who won’t take no for an answer. Make sure that someone knows where you are at all times, who you are with and when you expected home. Sometimes fools like him go from irritating to downright dangerous because they refuse to take no for an answer and enjoy intimidating women with fear.

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  1. Pattycake57 says:

    The dude is sick, because he right off the bat does not care one bit how she feels!  He is insensitive and any guy who truly liked her would be afraid to make the wrong impression.  Guys like this are just ‘creepy’ and make me cringe.  I’d avoid him like the plague.  No, do not try to be nice, but let him know he is not only unattractive, but downright repulsive.

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