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His Bad Back is Controlling Our Sex Life

| 07/29/2014 | Comments (11)
black woman suffering from Rhetoric Fatigue Syndrome

A broke down 42 year old man with a bad back is one of her problems. The other is that she is tolerating a selfish prick and calling his shenanigans a relationship.

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Is He Playing Games With Me While He Cheats on His Girlfriend?

| 05/22/2014 | Comments (0)
cheating boyfriend, lies, games singles play, dating advice for women

He lies, he cheats, he drinks like a fish, and he uses drugs. What in the world is this young lady wasting her time with this loser for?

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What is the Best Opening Line to a Woman on an Online Dating Site?

| 05/14/2014 | Comments (1)

I’ve asked my friends for advice on how to introduce myself to a women on an online dating site that I find interesting or have shared interests. To say the least, the advice is all over the place! I need help because this is unbelievably confusing.

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My Boyfriend Cheated and Got Another Woman Pregnant

| 04/27/2014 | Comments (0)

How can a boyfriend of seven years who cheated and got another woman pregnant ever think he and the woman he cheated on “work things out?”

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Is it Too Soon to Tell Him I Love Him After Dating Only a Month?

| 11/29/2013 | Comments (1)
single mother asking dating question

Everyone can be on their good behavior for a short period of time, but after 6-9 months, folks relax their front and ish gets real. As time passes and you spend more time together, you get to see more of who he really is, how he handles conflicts and problems, levels of responsibility and accountability, you meet his family, you meet his friends, you see how he is living, you learn how he thinks and what his values and morals are.

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While Separated My Husband Had a Baby With Another Woman!

| 10/15/2013 | Comments (3)
black woman suffering from Rhetoric Fatigue Syndrome

During a separation a husband has created a child with another person. What should the wife do – say or go?

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Help! My Boyfriend Wants to Share Me With Other Guys!

| 09/14/2013 | Comments (2)
Help! My Boyfriend Wants to Share Me With Other Guys!

Advice seeker thinks her boyfriend wants to “share her” with other guys, but Ms. HeartBeat sees a sociopath sex trafficker working on a naive and unaware potential victim of pimp game.

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Why Don’t Women Talk to a Good Black Man Like Me?

| 08/30/2013 | Comments (8)
Why Don't Women Talk to a Good Black Man Like Me?

Relationships are as much biological as they are emotional, at least at the beginning. You approached her because your dick got a tingle and you reacted biologically. Understand this good black man, since she didn’t get a tingle she rejected you.

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Guess What Ms. HeartBeat – I’m Dating a Stripper!

| 07/19/2013 | Comments (1)
Guess What Ms. HeartBeat - I'm Dating a Stripper!

Do you think we can have a healthy and lengthy relationship? I really don’t have a problem with where she works if I don’t think about it too much. I mean if we started dating before she started stripping and she told me she wanted to be a stripper, I would totally be against it. But since it’s what she was doing when I met her, I accept it because I feel that I don’t have the right to change her or ask her to change.

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Told married man to leave me alone, but at times I get weak for him…

| 07/17/2013 | Comments (0)
Told married man to leave me alone, but at times I get weak for him...

Single women should never waste time with a married man. Telling him to “leave me alone”, then whining for time and acknowledgement from him sends a mixed message and gives him too much power.

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He Ain’t Stella But He’s Trying to Get His Groove Back!

| 07/16/2013 | Comments (0)
Woman suffering from rhetoric fatigue syndrome

How much of an age difference is too much? This writer wants to know if a 24 year old woman and a 43 year old man have a chance at happiness together.

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Sexual Fetish – She’s Dating “Tickle Me” Tyrone!

| 06/06/2013 | Comments (0)
no way dude - no is a complete sentence

What should a single woman do when the man she loves has a strange tickling fetish that turns him on but her totally off?

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