Controlling Your Emotions – Why Women Must Stop Making Life Choices Based on FEELINGS

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Controlling your emotions is the best way to vet men, and determine if getting into or staying in a relationship makes sense. One of the top reasons women fall prey to users or to have a baby by some knucklehead is they are all up in their feelings.

Why do so many women make life changing decisions based on their emotions? Over and over we see women focus on their feelings about something or someone, and bypass logic. In other words, they throw good sense and reason out the window and follow their heart to their detriment.

In many cases the advice seekers will even write “I thought it was wrong, I was hurting and I know I should leave him, BUT I LOVE HIM!”


Ladies, if you control your emotions, you will always love yourself more than you love a man.

Controlling your emotions will prevent you from dating a man for 5 or more years who won’t marry you.

Controlling your emotions will keep you from accepting mistreatment and abuse in the name of “love.”

Controlling your emotions will guide you to select a quality man to be with instead of accepting anyone because you’re afraid to be alone.

Controlling your emotions will prevent you from sacrificing your youth, beauty, talents, body, money and other resources to insincere men.

When you can control your emotions, you will refuse to sacrifice your independence and time to some foolish man that takes everything and gives nothing back.

Failing to control your emotions is what motivates you to give him your all, while you accept crumbs and a whole lot of drama in return.

I’ll be taking a look at the many ways that women make poor choices based on emotion, and why controlling your emotions so that you make rational choices after considering all facts is the best path to take in both love and life!

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