Does Not Telling All Your Business Mean You’re Telling Lies?

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Dear Ms. HeartBeat:
First you encourage women to lie about their sexual partners and then you encourage women to lie about their financial background. Why do I think you are the biggest, FATTEST, gold digging slut around?  I have kept up with your website and have noticed that you give false information on subject matters you know nothing about, particularly in regards to sexual responsibility and finances. I am a premedical student and was flabbergasted at the selfishness that you encourage in people to lie about the number of sexual partners (if it bothers you, then keep your damn legs close!) and their debt (What else are you lying about?)

Are you aware that once a partner is married that they are legally held responsible for their spouse’s debts? You should have consulted an attorney or at least a law book before you post such false information. Another irresponsible piece of advice you gave to “My Future” in a past column was that “everyone has debts.” Not everyone, particularly if a man is so successful and a good catch, you should not be misleading him into thinking that you are equals. I am going to college on scholarships and bought my car. How dare you advise others to lie and put on a front.

The reason why the destruction of the black family is the leading causes of ills in our community today is because of ignorant and irresponsible (you are fat not full-figured) women like you. Your total lack of care never ceases to amaze me. So I am sure you will not be bothered by the name calling and the blaming on your part in this message.


Dear Crystal:
I love hecklers!  Just like the hecklers at comedy shows – only a fool would mess with the man that has the microphone.  In this case, I have the mike, and will now get my clown on and kick you some knowledge, FOOL!

First of all, you are a coward.  If you were a real man or woman you would not have used a Hotmail address to disguise your real identity.  Secondly, you may be a medical STUDENT, but you are not a LAW STUDENT and need to stick to bumps and bruises, something you might know something about.  I have more than 10 years of experience with California litigation and family court law, and am fully versed in the things I write about. I don’t know nor care to know about the laws in the swamp jungle from which you are spawned.  In THIS fine State of California, any debts incurred BEFORE marriage are your debts alone; any property acquired before marriage is your property alone; any inheritances received, even if you ARE married, are designated as your sole and separate property.  Capiche?

As far as women lying, they don’t need to lie and I never said they should. However, I am a strong advocate of women keeping their financial business to themselves.  Women talk too damn much!  You say you are flabbergasted, well that’s the same thing I was going to say about your emotional response here. Have you not heard of women being scammed by men that take them to the cleaners? Why do you think women should go around talking about their personal affairs to men that might not be there next week, taking the woman’s fortune with them when they go?

My stance: If and when a couple decide to marry, then, AND ONLY THEN, should the debts, income and any other ongoing financial obligations (such as paying for a parent’s medication or rent, a niece’s private school tuition, a sister’s cancer treatments), come out.  Unless a man puts a ring on your finger, then he doesn’t need to know your financial affairs.  What you make and what you spend is none of his damn business!

As far as people lying about the number of sex partners they’ve had, surely you don’t think that is the only thing people lie about?  People lie about everything whenever it suits their needs and purposes!  Why would you, a grown whatever (because I don’t believe you are a woman, I think you are this fool I talked to on the phone that tried to get with me and now is coming back with an attitude), think any man is going to tell your dumb ass the truth about how many women he has slept with?  How gullible and silly are you?

People lie about having AIDS and Herpes, about being able to have children, about using birth control, and about pulling out. People lie on tax returns, on job applications about having college degrees and certain jobs, about cheating on or loving you, about their age, and most definitely about their income and what they own!  People lie about where they were yesterday, how much they ate, how tall they are, how much they weigh, why their ex left them, how they look and who they were talking to on the phone.

People lie about all kinds of stuff whenever they get ready!  In the dating world it is always best to take responsibility to protect yourself, and not blindly put your faith in other people. No woman with any sense would base her health or life on unproven words… unless she believed in fairy tales, which it sounds to me that you do.

As far as what you think about me, I could NOT even if I tried, care less.  Call me childish names if it makes you feel better.  I get letters like this all the time and welcome them.  I never expect that everyone out there will agree with everything I say here and it would be foolish of ME to think that would be the case.

So, in closing, your “thoughts” as you call them, are from a simple rather undeveloped and childish mind and have no bearing on my reality as a mature, sophisticated, adult female with life experience and an understanding of human nature that you just don’t have.  Don’t hate, educate your mind little girl!  And if you don’t like what I write in this column or anything on this website, I cordially invite you to not read it.  Better yet, start your own since you know everything.

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